5 Steps to Praying with Fierce Boldness

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The feeling wasn’t going away.

I had been praying for weeks about what to do with a certain situation – a rather big situation – and I couldn’t shake the nudge.

God had answered.

Was I surprised? No, not really.

I wasn’t surprised because I had been praying boldly for several weeks. It didn’t start out that way. My first few prayers about this daunting situation were weak and feeble.

I threw out some phrases like “please help” and “Lord, your will be done.”

But then I walked away and forgot about my prayers.

The problem didn’t go away and my prayer life needed some serious overhaul. I knew that the only option left was to be intentional, real, and vulnerable in my prayers to our Great God.

And so, the journey to praying with fierce boldness began.

What situation do you feel needs some intentional, real, and authentic prayer? Do you have a burning dilemma that should be covered in fiercely bold prayer?

As I grew to better understand the keys to powerful prayer, I found that five aspects are essential.

How to Pray with Boldness:

Step 1: Speak your belief.

Let me ask you this: do you actually believe that God will answer your prayer? Are you patiently waiting for that nudge, feeling, or still small voice?

Talk about this with God!

When you pray, expect mighty things.

When you pray, believe that God will work.

And when you pray, wait for the answer.

This might sound something like the following: “Lord, I believe that you are powerful, mighty, majestic, and perfect. I believe that you can work this situation out for your glory and my good. Lord, I believe that you will take action, answer my prayer, and direct my path. I believe.”

Step 2: Be specific.

My weak cries of “please help” were lacking this key component to fierce prayer. It is true that God knows our prayers before we pray them, and that the Lord intercedes on our behalf, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be specific.

Specific prayers require boldness. And I think a lot of us are afraid to pray bold prayers.

“Heavenly Father, I ask that you would bring a clear solution to this problem” is so much safer than “Lord, I am unsure whether to say yes or no to this huge commitment. You know my life, my schedule, and my capacity. I ask that you would find someone else to complete this job if you do not want me to take action.”

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That is the beginning to a bold prayer. Be specific. Present your requests to God with detail.

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Step 3: Pray with others.

The Lord promises that where two or three are gathered, He will be there also. What a sweet promise!

We need the Lord’s presence, just like we need the wisdom, support, and guidance of others. Praying with trusted friends is a great way to hold ourselves accountable to praying with boldness.

Vulnerability opens the door for intentional conversation and growth. Friend, share your burdens with those around you. Ask for help and pray with one another. Be bold in prayer together.

Step 4: Fight against doubting.

Step one is speak your belief, which means we must be actively fighting against the reality of doubting.

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it is hard to believe. If you feel that way, you are not alone. However, we must be taking our thoughts captive, praying the promises of God, and reminding ourselves of truth everyday.

When you are tempted to doubt God’s ability to answer a prayer or act on your behalf, stop and pray in that moment.

“Lord, I am struggling with unbelief. I need your power, your promises, and your grace to hold me up. I do not want to doubt. Father, I believe. Help my unbelief.”

Step 5: Look back on previous prayers.

How has God answered you in the past? Where in your life have you felt His presence and peace? What situations have worked out for God’s glory and your good?

I suggest starting a prayer journal, or a prayer jar, that you can revisit often to remind yourself of God’s faithfulness. Then, praise Him specifically.

“God, thank you for answering my prayers about XYZ. I felt you working when I responded in obedience by doing XYZ. You are faithful even when I am faithless. And you chose to walk beside me through XYZ. Thank you, God.”

As I dealt with the upsetting situation I mentioned at the beginning of this post, fierce prayer became my foundation. After I began using these five steps to pray boldly, I began to feel those nudges and the presence of a still small voice.

Five steps. Fierce prayer. Bold belief.

What do you need to pray boldly about today? Start with step one, and began listening for the guidance of an Almighty God.

So much of Scripture tells us that when we pray, God hears. What a powerful promise and a meaningful truth. This means we can begin praying with fierce boldness - confident that God will hear and respond. Want to know how to begin praying boldly? Here are five steps so you can get started today!

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33 thoughts on “5 Steps to Praying with Fierce Boldness

  1. Alison, What a powerful post for everyone. We each have times when we need specific direction from God, but don’t know how to be sure He’s given it. Thanks for some great prayer points to direct our hearts and minds to receive His guidance. Blessings!

  2. Love this one, Alison!
    To pray with fierce boldness – that is my desire!
    And, I love the practical steps you have suggested.
    I’m sharing this one today~

  3. Well said! I don’t always keep it up, but I agree that a prayer journal is a treasure to have…to be able to look back on past prayers and see how God has answered them in the past…it’s a gift.

    1. It is a gift! I’m not always vigilant about remembering to write down my prayers, but I am working on it. Progress, not perfection. 😉

  4. Alison, This a such a powerful tool for anyone needing direction in their prayer life! I especially love the part about truly believing that God can and will answer your prayer. I like to call it, “Praying with confident expectation”!

    Thank you for always being such a blessing!

    1. I’m so glad you found this post helpful, Rebekah. I’ve been guilty of praying wimpy prayers too! Let’s pray BOLD together!

  5. Anne Graham Lotz tells that her mother, Ruth Graham, gave her a prayer journal when she was young – telling Anne to always leave a blank line in between so she can note God’s answer.

    I agree. I am always full of requests but God’s answers are the real treasures to look back on. It is well worth the effort to record how God talks to me. It also helps me to be forever thankful. Plus when I look back on all the times God carried me through, it is much easier to trust Him now.

  6. Your such a blessing to me. Praying with boldness is powerful. Pray for me I go and wittiness to gang members and those that give their lives to to our Lord Jesus Christ I pray with them and mentor them everyday. Thank you for your prayers sister.

  7. Love your blog and this post in particular! We all need reminders from time to time that He invites us to boldly approach His throne with expectation that He will move in our lives. You have stated these truths so well.

    1. It’s such a blessing when someone receives a nudge in this humble little space! Thanks for commenting & letting me know!

  8. Tha k you so much for this post, Alison!
    I have a hard time being vulnerable and trusting in my prayers. You’ve reminded me how important it is to tell God EVERYTHING and expect His best! Thank you for the inspiration to be bold and try harder.

    1. Yes and yes! It is so hard to be vulnerable, however we do serve a God who follows through on His promises! He allows us to expect His best, which is such a blessing. Thanks for commenting, Abigail!

  9. I remember one pastor/evangelist who prays with boldness… this is so true! And i am doing this in my prayer…your points are so much helpful thankyou and Godbless…

  10. I am thankful I found this post. I have such a situation that needs fixing and I realised my prayers about it in the last couple of months have been feeble…. that has changed! Doubt is obliterated and my faith in receiving God’s best is renewed! I declare still! No Surgery in Jesus Powerful Name!!! Amen!!!
    Thank you Allison

  11. How do you understand what God is saying to you? I never get a yes or no. I may get a nudge once in awhile, usually it’s a feeling that comes over me. I read your articles and others and understand that God speaks to me, but I don’t hear anything. No feeling on it either way and wonder if I’m not doing something right. I have faith, trust and hope that God hears me, I just don’t feel lead either way and figure to do whatever’s right for the moment and keep praying. My guess would be I’m not in touch with enough Godly women in my own life to run this by and understand what’s happening,mbut would appreciate any feedback. Thank you ladies❤️

    1. Hi Julie! I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that you feel “nudges”! I have never heard an audible voice, and many times I don’t feel certain of a yes or a no, but that is where faith comes in. Sometimes we need to pay attention to the nudges of the Spirit, and then step out in faith. God will rescue and reroute if it’s not His will, and will be by our side as we seek to obey Him. I pray that this provides some encouragement. There is no wrong way to pray! God simply wants you to seek & find Him. <3

  12. I am back and forth on a life changing decision and have been very wimpy on my prayers, until lately. I need to make a decision to jump in all the way or give up on the idea altogether as it is on my mind constantly. Every obstacle deterring me from going forward has been resolved and only fear is holding me back. I boldly asked God just before reading this post to help me make a decision yes or no and came home to read this message. I have been getting all the signs I have needed, I am just afraid that I am interpreting things as I want to see them and not how God wants me to see them. Thank you for your message,and especially one in an answer you gave to someone else that said something to the effect, if its not the way for you to go, God will lead you out. I can’t tell you how much this has helped today, bless you!

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