A Letter to the Insecure

To you, my insecure friend, I want to say several things.

I want to say that you are not alone, that millions of women struggle to feel worthy.

I want to say that you are loved just for being you.

I want to say that the words someone said that just won’t come unstuck from your weary mind – those words hurt. I get that.

And I’m here in this whole mess of insecurity with you.

Body image, performance, those hurtful comments that just won't go away - I've struggled with it all. Insecurity runs rampant these days, and you know what? We've got to kick it to the curb. We're made in the image of a mighty God. We must remember this. Dear friend who feels insecure, read here for some solid truth to comfort your soul today.

Insecurity is a lot of things.

Hurtful words and comments sting, don’t they? Those thoughts that shouldn’t have been shared can never be unsaid. That one person’s opinion about your work, your hobbies, your singing, your passions – it’s hard to ignore, right?

And the media’s pictures that tell you to be thinner than a stick, yet curvy too? Goodness, let’s get it straight and shoot those lies in the foot.

When your hard work is dumped on and your heart is trampled is criticism – it breeds some awfully loud insecurity. And when you feel less than appreciated and more like forgotten. Ouch. That can make the heart ache for years.

What about that time when you were just living life, wild and free, and you earned a scar instead of a reward. And now that scar screams loud the first time you shake hands. And you just want to hide instead of smile.

There’s something to be said for healthy, yes. But when healthy becomes unhealthy for the mind and the soul, it can’t be good for the body either. Obsessive thoughts about calories and running and ‘just 10 more crunches’ – those are truth killers.

Need to know how to overcome insecurity? Body image, performance, those hurtful comments that just won't go away - I've struggled with it all. Have you? Read here for the key to kicking insecurity to the curb.

Because the real truth is that Jesus loves you.

The you with love handles.

The you that sings off-key.

The you that aches with sadness.

The you that can’t run ten feet without huffing and puffing.

The you that wants to be an artist.

Here’s my question to you, dear soul. Do you know that the Creator of the world cherishes you? He redeemed your life from a pit. He crowns you with lovingkindness. [Psalm 103:4] He sent His son to die so that you can sing louder than all the rest in the glories of heaven.

Because the other truth is that this REAL TRUTH crowds out those hurtful comments, those obsessive thoughts, and those mocked passions. The real truth doesn’t care about the size on your tag or the scars on your face.

The real truth cares only about the real you.

So, do you want to shove aside that burdensome insecurity? You’ve got to believe something with me, okay?

Believe that YOU are worthy. Believe that YOU are cherished. Believe that YOU are held dear and beloved in the arms of the Savior that died in your place.

Believe that, okay?

Because when you’re believing in truth and crowding out lies, the devil has no room to breed insecurity.

So what’s the key to overcoming insecurity?

You’re got to believe that you are enough in the arms of your Savior. Believe that His death paid for your secured worth. Believe that nothing you do can separate yourself from His love. 

Believe. And never quit believing.

I’m in it with you. Be bold, friend.



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