Well, hi there. What an honor to meet you!

My name is Alison and I’ve been on a journey to discover what it means to live boldly for our Lord.

In 2015, three days after our wedding, my husband and I crammed ourselves into an old, red sports car and drove 1800 miles from Kentucky to Colorado. Our lives were starting, and we were overjoyed to learn about marriage, adulthood, and our future careers in one huge fell swoop.    

Only months later… 

…I found myself lonely and discouraged. I was in graduate school, overwhelming my schedule with classes to push aside the weight of my loneliness. Marriage was fun – my man can make me laugh harder than I ever thought I could! – but my husband couldn’t fulfill my every need.

When health issues caused me to take a break from school, God grabbed ahold of my heart and began filling me with the most beautiful gospel promises. The dark, early mornings became my favorite time of day. I’d meet with God cuddled under a blanket and journal from my heart.

Those mornings became raw, real, and life-changing when I finally surrendered to the Truth.

All of my life I was taught the gospel. Goodness, I even taught the gospel to others through college Bible study. I knew grace was supposed to bring depth, transformation, and God’s glory into my life. I knew I was born to be an image-bearer of our Creator. Yet, my soul felt anything but full of glory.    

Good Listener

As I dug into the Word… 

…all of that changed. I had a hunger for the transformation I had only ever read about – real, honest, bold transformation. And because we serve an Almighty God, He listens to our pleas, shows us grand truth, and leads us down the righteous path (Psalm 23:3). He fills our lives with joy (Romans 15:13).

The gospel has power and grace is beautiful – but I’m learning that we must be willing to surrender, change, and grow. We must respond to grace with holy obedience.

We must be willing to walk the narrow path with the Lord as our Guide & Helper. 

I’m still on the journey and I’d love for you to join me. We can be friends who chat about the difficult parts and the beautiful parts of this wild thing called life. We can grow and change and respond in faith side-by-side. We can admit we’re imperfect, but on the path to a future glory more astounding than we can believe.

Let’s do it. To start, would you subscribe to the blog & respond to the welcome email with your story? It’d be an honor!

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