Well hi! I’m Alison. It’s a joy to meet you.

If we were to get together in the mundane of life, I’d suggest cinnamon rolls and vanilla lattes on my back patio. You’d arrive. I’d hug your neck and hand you a steaming mug. We’d sit outside and I’d wish for a little window into your soul. So, I’d ask you for permission to do just that – see and hear the real you, the honest you, the tired you.

I’m not so great at putting up with small talk, so I’d ask you to speak from your heart.

How is life treating you? What is the Lord teaching you? What feels heavy? Are you being kind to yourself these days?

Are you chasing the undeniable beauty of grace & choosing stillness over performance?

This place isn’t my back patio and I can’t hug your neck. But even though I can’t be with you face-to-face, it is my desire that this place on the web be full of honest conversation. Of vulnerability and encouragement and simplicity. Of grace and sweet stillness.

I’ll start our conversation with a bit about myself, okay?

I was born in Pennsylvania, then raised, schooled and married in Kentucky. Three days after our wintery wedding, my new husband and I drove across the country in an old sports car and built a foundation in Colorado.

It was at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains that we learned about leaving our parents and cleaving to one another fiercely. We learned about communication and emotions and independence and real love.

For two years, we wrestled and grew to trust God.

Somebody once told me that the most painful parts of this life might someday open doors to my greatest purpose. At the time, I felt a bit like punching a wall when those words left her mouth. But I can see over and over again how she was right – how pain births purpose and opens your eyes to the things that deeply matter.

I see now how feeling stuck in a dry season paves the way to walk beside others kicking up dirt in dry places. How suffering opens your eyes to the brokenness others are experiencing. How the little things are full of so much meaning – but you have to make time and space for those little things to exist.

Here is what I know: I have not arrived. Maybe I never will this side of glory. But I feel that a piece of my purpose is to walk beside those that have experienced, or are experiencing, some of my same journey. I don’t promise to have answers or even perfectly crafted thoughts for your season of life.

Instead, I promise to be real, honest, and raw. To give you the unedited version of my weak and human heart. To be a friend that stands beside you as you…

chase the beauty of grace & choose stillness over performance.

Now, my husband and I are back in our Kentucky hometown, and it is my strong desire to share this life with you. I’ll put the cinnamon rolls in the oven and wait for your knock, new friend.

Some Fun Facts

 I’m an ISFJ on the Myers Briggs Personality Test.

 I love mowing the lawn, gardening, reading, and baking.

 I could eat dessert for dinner every single day.

 I’m faithfully fighting to learn the art of slowing down, resting, being still.


It’s your turn to share now, my new friend.

I’d love to connect on social media! My favorite online place these days is Instagram.

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