Hey there! I’m Alison. It’s nice to meet you.

If we were to get together in day-to-day life, I’d suggest a quaint coffee shop for cinnamon rolls and vanilla lattes. You would text me and ask about a time, and I may not respond for a few hours – not because I forgot, but because my mind is lost in a good book or a new recipe.

We’d meet up one morning, hands cupped around those steaming lattes, and I’d suggest we skip the small talk.

I’d ask you to speak from your heart.

I’d want you to share your passions.

Even though this space isn’t a coffee shop – and even though I can’t sit across the table from you – it is my desire that this place on the web be full of honest conversation. Of faithful growth. Of passionate living.

I pray that these pages would be the most authentic me sharing with a passionate you.

So, I’ll start the conversation with a bit about myself, okay?

I was born in Pennsylvania, then raised, schooled and married in Kentucky. Three days after our wintery wedding, my new husband and I drove across the country in an old sports car and built a foundation in Colorado.

It was at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains that we learned about leaving our parents and cleaving to one another fiercely. We learned about communication and emotions and independence and real love.

For two years, we wrestled and grew to trust God.

At the same time, I was learning about what fuels me. I spent hours in the kitchen, endless amounts of time curled around a good book, chunks of time writing and learning about this wild thing called blogging. I finally understood what I love – finally discovered my passions.

Now we’re back in our Kentucky hometown, and it is my strong desire to share this life with you – the lessons I’m learning, the business I’m building, and the great God I’m serving.

Some Fun Facts

 I’m an ISFJ on the Myers Briggs Personality Test.

 I love mowing the lawn, gardening, reading, and baking.

 I could eat dessert for dinner every single day. Skip the protein. Pass the chocolate, right?!

 I’m faithfully fighting to learn the art of slowing down, resting, being still.


It’s your turn to share now, my new friend.

There are a few ways to reach out and connect with me:

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I’ll put the cinnamon rolls in the oven and wait for your message. I consider it a true honor to grow faithfully and live passionately alongside you.