An Interview with the Author of “Look to Jesus”

It is an honor and privilege to invite the author of Look to Jesus: How to Let Go of Worry and Trust God to the blog today!

The wisdom in this book is sweet, her trust in the Lord shines through the pages, and her love for people is evident as you read. Are you someone that struggles with worry and anxiety? Do you long to have deep trust in the Lord, but don’t know how to get there?

This book – it’s for you.

"Look to Jesus" is a book saturated with Scripture & full of truth and wisdom. Do you find yourself stuck in worry mode, constantly anxious and unsure how to get out? Well, this book is for you! It's all about letting go of worry and learning to trust in Jesus. It's an honor and privilege to welcome Dawn, the author, to the blog today!

It’s saturated with Scripture and truth. It’s a quick read, full of stories from Dawn’s own journey. I pray you’d consider reading it, savoring the words and allowing them to impact your heart.

It’s a journey to move from worry to trust in God. Let this book encourage you to take the first step.

Welcome, Dawn! It’s a joy to have you here today.

A: What prompted you to write Look to Jesus?

D: Anxiety is something I’ve struggled with for all my life. I like to be in control. Most of the time, it’s fairly easy to keep that illusion going- the one where I think I’m in control. It took a heartbreaking event, which was decidedly outside of my control, to prompt me to take a closer look at what it really meant to trust Jesus. It was the break-up of the church I was a part of- a place I was deeply invested in and loved. That time of seeking God and asking questions about why he was trustworthy led to this book.

A: How has writing the book helped your personal progress to trust in Jesus more?
D: The study that went into the writing, reliving the personal stories from my past, where God has shown already shown himself trustworthy, and the actual experience of getting a book ready for publication were all a huge push towards my personal progress in trusting Jesus. Throughout this process I’ve felt like someone who has been pushed into the deep end of the pool. This is my first book. I’m learning as I go along and there’s no way I could have done this without relying on God.

A: How has letting go of worry and trusting Jesus influenced your marriage? How about your role as a mother?
D: I think my whole family would confirm that I’m easier to live with, more relaxed, and more joyful now that I’m learning to let go of some of those control issues! A control freak is not an easy person to live with. ; )

A: What is your favorite Scripture reference and why is it your favorite?
D: Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” It’s my favorite because it sums up, quite distinctly, what I want in my relationship with God.

A: What are some of your other favorite resources for dealing with anxiety/worry?
D: Other than the Bible (and prayer), my favorite resource for dealing with anxiety is my community. I have a beautiful community of people that I’ve surrounded myself with. I learn from them all the time and we just have fun together!

"Look to Jesus" is a book saturated with Scripture & full of truth and wisdom. Do you find yourself stuck in worry mode, constantly anxious and unsure how to get out? Well, this book is for you! It's all about letting go of worry and learning to trust in Jesus. It's an honor and privilege to welcome Dawn, the author, to the blog today!

A: You mention grace several times in your book. How do you know grace is real? How have you experienced it?
D: I know that grace is real because I know who I was, a sinner, who would have had no other way to a relationship with God if it weren’t for grace. I experience grace all the time. There’s common grace, available to all, and there’s saving grace, which is the work of the cross. I’ve experienced both (and the latter is far more precious). “Life itself is grace.” –Frederick Buechner

A: Have there been moments when you wanted to give in to human desires and just keep worrying? What did you do in those moments?
D: Yes! I’ve had to laugh at myself many times throughout the process of writing and publishing this book. To be worried about a book that’s all about not worrying is a real problem. When that happens, I tell my husband what’s going on and he’s good at pointing me back to the truth of who Jesus is and why I need to trust him.

A: If you had to sum up the purpose of your book in one sentence, what would you say?
D: I want to encourage people to focus on who Jesus is. As we draw closer to Jesus we learn more about why he is worthy of our trust and why we can let go of our worries. God is in control.

A: The kind of trust you talk about in your book seems pretty frightening. I want to trust God in this way, but I don’t know where to start. What are some good first steps?
D: It is frightening. You’re right. I don’t think we can do it on our own. I think a good first step is to pray and ask God to change our hearts. He can do that.

A: Look to Jesus is saturated with God’s Word. What did God teach you about Scripture while you wrote your book?
D: I was so thankful for God’s Word as I was writing this book. Verses that I thought I had long forgotten would pop into my head when I needed them. God was teaching me that his Word is living- meaning it’s not just a book. It’s complex and I’m learning new things about old scriptures all the time. God is still speaking through his Word today.

A: What is your favorite way to experience God? Where do you feel His presence the most?
D: My favorite way to experience God is through music. I feel his presence there, the most. It was a song from Hillsong, called Oceans,that inspired the structure of this book. I listened to it often as I was writing.

A: What has been your favorite part of the writing and publishing process?
D: I have loved learning more about who God is. The writing process is solitary. The publishing process is not. For that, I have had to reach out to a lot of people and ask for help. Through that process, I have met some lovely people who I now call friends. I have enjoyed that.

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Thanks, Dawn, for sharing with us!

Friends, this book is for sale on Amazon and it’s worth every penny! Check it out. Take that first step from worry to trust in an Almighty God.

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