31 Days of Bold Prayer Prompts

Do you understand that the God of the universe wants a relationship with you?

I ask because this is important. In fact, it’s the key to bold, honest, fervent prayer.

If you don’t believe that you need God, you won’t pray.
If you don’t hunger for a relationship with Him, prayer won’t be important to you.
If you hide in shame and think you’re too far-gone, prayer will seem unnecessary.

But the reality is this: God wants to know you.

Do you long to approach God's throne of grace with confidence but aren't sure where to start? Here are 31 prayer prompts for bold prayer! Plus, three things to remember when you seek God through prayer!

He longs to listen to our quiet thoughts and bold requests. He delights in providing for us, protecting us, and hearing our cries. Even in our darkest moments, God loves to meet with us and nurture our hearts.

We – as His children – just have to step up, step in, and pray. We have to choose to get over the barriers of our idols, our weakness, and our guilt. We’re told that we can “approach God’s throne of grace with confidence.” (Hebrews 4:16) So, why aren’t we doing it?

For the next 31 days (but don’t stop there!), I plead for you to meet with God through fervent prayer. When the promises of God become alive in our hearts & we’re trusting in His infallible Word, the boldness mentioned in Hebrews 4 doesn’t feel so unattainable.

I invite you to 31 days of bold, honest prayer. Walk with me to the Arabah Joy blog where I share 31 prayer prompts, as well as three suggestions for your prayer time.

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6 thoughts on “31 Days of Bold Prayer Prompts

  1. Your site on prayer is great but I want to make a correction: God doesn’t want to know me. He ALREADY knows me! Nobody knows me better than He does, since He created me. Prayer is there for us to get to know God and ourselves! 😉

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