The Most Important Breakthrough I’ve Had about Sickness

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Unanswered questions and the lack of a diagnosis – this has been the better part of my life.

For reasons I may never understand, I live in a fragile body. More fragile than some and less fragile than many. I realize I’m not restricted to bed or the hospital. And yet, the questions of “why God?” echo loud in my heart.

I live in a fragile body.

I've had a beautiful breakthrough about sickness. For years I've lived with pain and sickness that I did not understand. But God, in His infinite love for me, has shown me purpose again. It has given me renewed energy amidst pain. So, come join me & believe this breakthrough for yourself! And find my 5 tips for living in a fragile body here!

If you’ve ever felt misunderstood, I get it. I’ve felt misunderstood by doctors my entire life.

If you’ve ever questioned the purpose of something difficult, I get it. I’ve questioned the reason for aches and pains for years.

If you’ve ever been anxious that answers would never come, I get it. Every blood test came back negative. Every MRI & CAT scan looked normal.

I think I’m just meant to live in a fragile body. I’ve had a breakthrough about sickness, and I now believe that this is where God has put me – fragile and all. There is something so beautiful about the fragile places. And that is this…

To God, my heart matters more than my health.

Throughout the unanswered questions and the negative test results, God really only wanted one thing. He wanted me. He wanted me to rely on Him, lean into Him, trust Him, believe in His plans. He wanted me to see Jesus in my pain, to approach the throne with confidence, to dig into the word as a lifeline for grace.

Throughout all of the sickness, God wanted me to be His.

Isn’t that the most beautiful realization? There is a reason for the world’s difficulties. There is a reason for sickness, heartache, unmet expectations, and hurt.

The purpose is always and only Jesus.

I should say that I haven’t always believed this or understood the impact of that truth in my heart. I ran to doctors and my parents, medication and diet changes before I ever ran to Jesus. I didn’t trust God with the fragile parts of myself.

And yet, through abundant grace and unconditional love, the Lord never let go. He reminded me of His goodness. He gave me a craving for His Word. He instilled in me a deep sense of trust – not from myself, but from Him for Him.

I am still not 100% healed. I’m on my way, maybe. But there really are no guarantees of total healing.

Except in my heart.

There is a guarantee of total & complete healing in my heart. #health #sickness Click To Tweet

So, as I struggle to grasp this important breakthrough about sickness, there are a few things I know for certain.

Living in a broken body is different. There are limitations & pains, intense fatigue and the desire to compare. I've had a breakthrough about my health & sickness, and I'm sharing 5 ways I've living well in a fragile body. If you struggle to live with bold faith when sick, please come read this one.

  1. My fragile body is meant to draw me closer to Jesus.

It is meant to push my heart into the Word, to cry out to God in prayer, and to seek Him first and foremost in all I do.

Just as the bleeding woman reached for the cloak of Jesus amidst crowds of people, I am meant to steadfastly reach for Jesus in the midst of difficulty.

She reached toward his cloak with confident faith & bold purpose. She reached toward his cloak knowing that He alone held the power to change her life – not just her health, but her heart.

“Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace.” (Luke 8:48, ESV)

Your faith has made you well. Not answers. Not medications. Not doctors.

The saving power of Jesus & placing her faith in Him made her well – and gave her peace.

  1. There are steps I can take to ensure I am living as my best self.

If my pains and limitations are meant to draw me closer to Jesus, I feel that it is my responsibility to ensure that I am living as my best self. I long to be used by Him, to be whole for Him, and to glorify Him even through my pain.

And this means that I cannot live in a fragile body without taking care of myself. I cannot be my best for Christ unless I take charge and do something about this fragile body.

For me, this looks like eating healthy. I can’t eat sugar, gluten, certain vegetables, many spices. I must be careful & wise about the food I eat. So, I cook a lot. I prepare snacks in advance. I drink protein shakes like water (only kind of kidding).

Trim Healthy Mama has been a life-saver for my diet. I use their stevia sweeteners in place of sugar. I prepare a recipe from their cookbook nearly every day. I follow their diet plan not to lose weight, but because being healthy is important for living a bold life for Jesus.

I recommend their products whole-heartedly and would not suggest their brand if I didn’t. And – bonus – their face creams and lotions are the bomb. I’m madly in love with their company, their morals, and their products.

Trim Healthy Mama has been my go-to for health advice, recipes, and products to ensure that I’m taking the necessary steps to live my best.

I've had a beautiful breakthrough about sickness. For years I've lived with pain and sickness that I did not understand. But God, in His infinite love for me, has shown me purpose again. It has given me renewed energy amidst pain. So, come join me & believe this breakthrough for yourself! And find my 5 tips for living in a fragile body here!

  1. A slow pace of life is okay – even good.

I cannot do everything everyone else can do. Simple as that.

For a long time, I tried anyway. I wanted to be a friend to everyone. I longed to be involved in every activity. I stayed up late and woke up early. I pushed myself much too hard.

I think God is teaching me through this whole fragile body thing that slow is okay – even good. I do not have tons of friends. I have a few dear friends and they are my people. I do not commit to every activity. In fact, I say no more often than I’d like for the sake of being present when I say yes.

Being home, reading books, writing, experimenting in the kitchen – this is much of my life now. I fought it for a long time.

Dear one, a slow pace of life is okay. It is good.

  1. Knowing my limitations is better than overcommitting.

I used to try to be perfect in every area of every part of life.

Let me tell you – perfection bogs down a fragile body mighty fast. When I learned to know my limitations – to accept imperfection in the areas of life that could be totally and completely imperfect – there was a sweet freedom.

I try hard to avoid overcommitting now. I live in freedom knowing that my best is simply that. It is my best.

  1. There is a purpose in everything & it has nothing to do with me.

The reason for pain and difficulty, for negative test results and changing my entire diet, really has nothing to do with me. There is purpose in this process and it is all about God.

If I tried to make this post about what I’ve done to overcome sickness or how I’ve conquered living with pain, I would be skewing a beautiful story written by a beautiful God.

The purpose is to draw my heart closer to the Lords. The purpose is to find my fulfillment in God. The purpose is to point others toward Jesus.

The purpose is not me and it never will be.

I've had a beautiful breakthrough about sickness. For years I've lived with pain and sickness that I did not understand. But God, in His infinite love for me, has shown me purpose again. It has given me renewed energy amidst pain. So, come join me & believe this breakthrough for yourself! And find my 5 tips for living in a fragile body here!

Dear friend, if you are living with pain or struggling with hardship, can I encourage you to seek Jesus with abandon? Leave everything at the foot of the cross and run – don’t walk – toward your Heavenly Father.

Yes, we can change our diet, eat healthy foods, and accept a slower pace of life. Those things are good.

But remember, the purpose is not about you. The most important breakthrough you could ever have about your sickness is this: your heart is more important to Jesus than your health. He is doing a mighty work in you. So, take heart.

There is freedom in surrendering your fragile body – and fragile soul – to Jesus.

To Jesus, my heart is more important than my body. #health #sickness Click To Tweet

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Their deodorant. Like seriously – it’s all natural, keeps me from sweating when we’re hiking in the Colorado mountains, and it doesn’t smell like roses. (I’m not a fan of deodorant that smells like roses.)

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Pure Stevia. This is my go-to sweetener since I can’t eat refined sugar. It sweetens my coffee, smoothies, tea, and many desserts. Bonus – you only need a little, tiny, baby amount each use.

Face cream. I hardly ever wear makeup because of this stuff & that is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t smell weird (okay, I might have an obsession with the way things smell) and it’s all natural. It’s gentle, smooth, and cheap. One jar of this lasts me six months & I use it twice a day. The orange cream is also awesome if you don’t have sensitive skin.

25 thoughts on “The Most Important Breakthrough I’ve Had about Sickness

  1. Oh my dear Alison- this is one of the posts where it’s difficult to point to one quote and expound….because the WHOLE post was so good. I just absolutely love your heart. Thank you for being honest! Vulnerable! Open! Favor is coming your way, my friend!

    1. Shannon, you are so kind. Thank you. There was a time when I wouldn’t have shared this. But I’m so thankful that Jesus has opened up my heart to embrace vulnerability and realness! It’s the only way to live in the fullness of Christ!

  2. What a sweet and positive post, Alison! I love this line, “if you are living with pain or struggling with hardship, can I encourage you to seek Jesus with abandon?”
    Thank you for using those things that could hold you back to propel you forward!
    You are a blessing!
    (And, I’m still praying that God will heal you completely!)

  3. There is so much wisdom in your words here, Alison. I’m praying for your complete healing, too, but it may not be on this side of life. You’re right. God is more concerned with the state of our hearts. You have a beautiful heart. I’m going to check out some of your links with Trim Healthy Mama. There’s a lot I could do to be healthier with my diet. I think I told you about this book once before, but this post reminded me of it…Choose Joy, by Sarah Frankl. I think you might like it.

    1. Yes, you have shared that book with me. And you’re not the only one, so that must be a nudge that I need to get my hands on this book. 🙂 Thanks for commenting, Dawn. I appreciate you & your friendship!

  4. One of the best posts I’ve ever read on chronic pain and faith. I’ve pinned it so I can refer back to when I need it (and I will.) I follow THM too…their stevia is the best I’ve ever tried. Have not ventured to try the deodorant yet…I live in Florida but really want to get away from the chemicals!

    1. Marya, wow – thank you. Your comment means so much, and I’m grateful that you found something encouraging and honest here. And yay for our THM sisterhood! Their stevia really is my absolute favorite. 🙂 Have a blessed day!

  5. Alison, You are such a blessing! Your words resonated with my spirit. And thanks for the tip on the Trim Healthy Mama products. I have to check them out! Thank you for being vulnerable and pointing us to the truth!

  6. Alison,
    Thank you! I needed to hear this today as I struggle with my own illness and weakness. Thank you for sharing your struggles and encouraging the rest of us to walk by faith, even when our physical bodies fail us.

  7. Alison,
    I am so proud of your bravery and transparency! What an incredible blessing this entire post is! I just put a couple of items in a cart at Trim Healthy Mama! Can’t wait to try them!
    Blessings and hugs, my friend!

  8. From one fragile body to another, I get it. And, you got it! Truth is surrendering to God, accepting our portion. Psalm 16, He has assigned out portion and cup and we have a delightful inheritance in Him for all eternity. Love, Julie

    1. Amen & amen. What a God we serve! And I am so thankful for your support & encouragement throughout high school. God used you to encourage my faith more times than I can count. 🙂 Sending a hug to you!

  9. Wow…. I don’t know how I missed this post from last week, but I know I needed to read this today as I am dealing with so many fragile things in my life. I can definitely relate to you when you spoke about being mindful of what you eat and your overall health. I was told a week before my 31st birthday that I have a fibroid and that I would need to seek other options to remove it. I refuse to have surgery because I trust God to heal me and restore me. I trust that He will give me wisdom on the right foods to eat and how to take it easy on my body. Thank you so much for your transparency and just your amazing spirit. I cried this morning in regards to the many challenges I’m facing right now. It felt good because I needed to cry and release. A friend told me to have joy in the midst and reminded me that God has everything under control. And then to read this post, just confirmed so much. Again, thank you! I’m so thankful I came across your blog. May God continue to bless you in your purpose.

    1. Lequvia, thank you so much for sharing here! I’m so grateful that this post touched you & encouraged you as you read it. God does give wisdom about our bodies, our health, and proper rest. I think it’s so wonderful when people listen to that & simply obey. Some of us have fragile bodies for that very reason, I believe – we need to depend upon the Lord & learn to simply obey. 🙂 Stay strong in the faith & keep fighting the good fight. Thanks for commenting!

  10. My heart goes out to you as you deal with the unknowns! There is so much truth in what you shared here: Jesus wants our hearts turned toward Him. So, so true!

    I’ve had to learn the hard way to say no to many things, too. My husband has a CSF leak (diagnosed after 15 years of not knowing what was wrong); my oldest has both Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease; and I get kidney infections when I’m on my feet too long (doctors say there’s no medical reason for this, but I’ve ended up in Urgent Care enough times to know it’s no coincidence).

    I have my limitations, but God gives grace enough to enable me to serve Him, care for my family, and rest when I need to. I’ve struggled with not knowing, too, but He’s been faithful to turn my eyes away from wanting answers to focusing on His beauty instead!

    1. Julie, this is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! I love how you say “He’s been faithful to turn my eyes away from wanting answers to focusing on His beauty instead!” That is the goal, isn’t it? To glorify God in all things? I believe so.
      Thanks for commenting & taking the time to read. 🙂

  11. Alison,

    I too have a fragile body. I have read, and re-read this. I finally had it sink down in me that ” God is more interested in my heart, than my health”. It also helped me beyond words to reframe my thoughts about living with chronic illness.

    Thank you so much for your willingness to share your heart.

    1. Chris, I am so thankful that the message made it’s way to your heart. 🙂 It is an important lesson, but one that doesn’t come easily. It’s true – God wants us more than He wants our healing. Thanks for commenting!

  12. Oh my… I don’t even know where to start. I resonated with pretty much every line of this post. Thank you for the reminder that God’s purposes are so much greater than my desire for quick fixes and answers! I’ll have to read this one again to really let it all sink in…

  13. Alison, you are a beautiful soul with so much insight. It is a hard long road when we have a fragile body. Having a mind that says I want to do and a body that says you can’t can be a hard pill to swallow. Yes our attitude and outlook and love for our Father with our faith and trust in him are what matters most. I have a body that is falling apart from head to toe with a lot of pain and very little that can be done to fix certain areas. However, my pain drew me closer to Jesus with the thought of knowing that what I go thru on a daily basis could never ever come close to what he endured for us. My heart cries out every time I think of him on the cross. I am so grateful every day that I can get up and enjoy the day that God has prepared for me even with dealing with the continual pain. He does want our hearts. Bless you for opening up and sharing your journey.

    1. Hi Peggy. I’m so sorry to hear about your fragile body. Your perspective is beautiful & I appreciate you sharing it here. You are right – our pain is nothing in comparison to the agony Christ felt on the cross. And He went there for us. Thanks for commenting!

  14. Hi Alison,
    I can only say I bear witness and walk as you do in a different way of pain in different areas. But amen to all your words of love, joy, truth and glory to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ,
    Thanks for obeying that still, small voice. I believe withyou and for you, our healing.

    1. Thank you, Katrina. It always hurts me to read of others undergoing tremendous pain – whether physical or emotional. We do serve a God who sees us & cares for us infinitely more than we can even imagine! I’m saying a prayer for your personal healing as well. <3

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