Hey there, why don’t you grab a mug of something warm & join me on the journey to knowing God more every day?

We need to move beyond the simple and superficial into honest, bold time with the Lord. In order to grow and mature in our walk with Christ, we need to dig into God’s Word. We need to do battle on our knees. There comes a time when enough is enough – when our relationship with God is standing stagnant. Intimacy with the Abba Father is so essential because it has the power to transform.

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve struggled to perform for God’s grace and love. Intimacy with the Lord sounds great, but you feel unsure of how to get there without performance and perfection. You want to understand grace more & surrender to the thing of it.

Would you commit to growing with me?

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Grab ahold of God’s Word and remind yourself of Truth with this 6-Day Bible study. If we’re going to be passionate people – people all in for God’s purposes – we must first learn to trust God deeply. You’ll receive one email each morning for six days. Get into the Scriptures and learn how and why we can trust God, and what to do about it.


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