The Secret to Finding Healing from a Broken Identity | FREE Devotional

Have you ever felt forgotten and abandoned?

There is a whole society of people that stands with you, bearing the weight of loneliness and shame, fear and isolation.

It’s AD 60 and Paul is sitting in the corner of a Roman prison, writing the book of Ephesians to the new community of Christians in Ephesus. The book of Ephesians is about our identity in Christ – our adoption, redemption and hope.

And the new church in Ephesus desperately needed this message of identity.

Don’t you? Don’t I?

Are you wondering how to heal from the pain of a broken identity? Here you'll find the secret you need to know to understand your identity in Christ! And, because truth about our identity in Christ is so important, there is a {completely} FREE 7-day devotional study for delving into the healing process called "The Identity Project". Scriptures & truths about your identity in Christ await! Get started!

You see, the people of Ephesus were composed of high-ups and important businessmen, but there was also a large population of forgotten people.

When a baby was born, it was not uncommon for the baby to be laid at the father’s feet and evaluated. Maybe the parents were hoping for a boy, and this baby is a girl. Maybe the father was longing for a strong and mighty warrior, and this son was delivered a premature babe.

The father was allowed to rid of the baby – to leave the infant in the cold or the brutal heat – maybe to be found but maybe not.

Passerbys would search through these forgotten infants left on the street. If a baby seemed promising, they would raise the child and then sell him or her into slavery or prostitution.

As Paul was penning the book of Ephesians, hundreds of slaves and prostitutes were wandering the streets of Ephesus. Many were scanning crowds with their eyes. “Are you my mother? Are you the father that abandoned me?” (source)

Talk about a forgotten people. Talk about aching hearts and a desperate longing for identity.

In comes Paul with the message of the gospel – the message of identity and love and grace and freedom and redemption. The message of an Abba Father who will never leave you or forsake you.

And these slaves and prostitutes – the babes who years before were left by trash piles and forgotten – have been given new names, new identities, and new purposes.

They are now children of God.

Friend, this story offers the only hope – the sweetest secret – you need to heal from a broken identity.

It tells you that no matter how hurt you’ve been, no matter how lonely you feel, no matter how misunderstand and unappreciated you’ve been, no matter how poorly you’ve been treated – There. Is. Hope.

The hope of adoption.

You are a son or daughter of the Most High King. And He is a Father who will never leave you or forsake you.

There is power in the identity of Christ!

If you’ve been betrayed by a spouse…

If you’ve been fired from a comfortable job…

If you’ve been abused and used…

If you’ve been left for garbage, forgotten and shamed…

If you’ve been scammed and cheated…

If you’ve suffered from depression or addiction…

If you’ve never felt safe…

If you’ve been deserted by those who are supposed to love you…

There. Is. Hope.

The hope lies in your identity.

“In love He predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will – to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves.” [Ephesians 1:4-6, NIV]

Dear child of the Most High Abba Father, your identity is secure.

The book of Ephesians was penned for those long-ago forgotten babes and for you.

I’ve created a one-week Bible study for those struggling with their true identity. It walks you through the first three chapters of Ephesians in depth, asking questions and reminding you of important truths from your Father.

NEWThe Identity Project FB

It’s totally FREE for you, because this is important.


I encourage you to print out the booklet and be diligent about working through the study. It’s not long – each day shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

But when you take the time to dig deep and find your true identity, wild things happen. You find security in God rather than finances. You find hope in the gospel, rather than that substance you can’t stop using. You stand firm on the rock of your salvation, rather than the opinions of those around you.

Identity in Christ is difficult to grasp when your personhood feels broken. So, because truth about our identity in Christ is so important, here is a {completely} FREE 7-day devotional study for delving into the healing process. It's called "The Identity Project" and it's available for download instantly! Scriptures & truths about your identity in Christ await! Get started!


Download the study and begin today. Dive deep into who Christ says you are.

And just like those long-ago forgotten babes, you too will be armed with the truth of your adoption as a child of the Most High King.

It is my great joy to offer this study to you for FREE. 







Would you consider sharing this Bible study with a friend? I suggest that each of you download the PDF booklet, set up a coffee date, and work to find your true identity together!

25 thoughts on “The Secret to Finding Healing from a Broken Identity | FREE Devotional

  1. Hey Alison,
    What a thought-provoking and eye-opening post! Your intro is mesmerizing!
    And, your free devotional looks great!
    I’m going to share this all over today!
    Blessed by you~

    1. Stefani, when I first read this story, the tears kept coming. I couldn’t fathom that kind of love & adoption & grace. Goodness, we serve a mighty Father. And then to fathom that the same grace & love is for ME?! Stunning. And beautiful.

  2. I just came across your blog and am enjoying it. God is such a good, good father. I am just walking into a new season where I am beginning to learn my identity in Christ. Finding this on your blog is perfect timing- which God’s timing always is. Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom! May God continually bless you!

    1. I’m so thankful that God brought you here when you needed this message most. Isn’t it amazing when He does that – gives our hearts what we need and encourages us to grow right where we’re stuck? I’m praying as I hit ‘send’ that you will grow deeply in your identity as a child of the King!

  3. Alison, I think this might be my favorite post of yours ever! They are all so good, but this one? Goosebumps. Our pastor shared the story of these children in a message during the months we were waiting to bring our daughter home. I lost it in church and broke into the ugly cry. I’ll never forget that day or that story.

    Blessings, my friend!

    1. I cannot imagine hearing that story preached as you were waiting for your own girl to be home… wow. This story touched my heart instantly. I couldn’t stop crying. Sometimes the power of grace (and Fatherly love) just does that I guess. <3

    1. Woohoo! I’m so glad, Jessica. 🙂 I pray that the study causes you to grasp your true identity as a daughter of the King.

  4. Thank you for the free download and the information regarding the babies. I’ve been reading GOD’s WORD for over 30 years and I have never heard this before. Thank you so much. It has blessed me so much as that’s how my walk began…tossed aside and rejected, but My Father chose me and adopted me and has been raising me up ever since. Blessings to you and your family.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Diane. The Lord is so gracious to redeem us and call us His children! I pray that the devotional guide blesses you and strengthens your walk with God. We find real freedom only when we understand our identity rests in Him alone!

  5. Hi Alison,
    I’m so far behind with taking care of my husband and housework is difficult since I’ve had four back surgeries and the last one really messed my spine up. But Alison I love the Lord so much and I definitely plan on catching up and can’t wait to finish the last study and the new one on idenity that I just ran off copies of. I want to be ready for September and come high water I will catch up and complete it all. Ya’ll are so sweet and I love your lessons your lessons push me and I really dig in learn so much from His Word. I’ve been following you since you had the blog, with Scoop. So, I just wanted to say don’t give on me, I’m still with you. God bless and thank you!

    1. I will never give up on you! Keep plugging away and clinging to Jesus. This is not a sprint – it’s a slow jog toward deeper relationship with God. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the studies! 🙂

  6. So many people need to hear this! We try – even believers – to find identity in people, things, status…the list goes on. There is a chapter in Corrie Ten Boom’s “The Hiding Place” where she’s just learned that her father has died. Desperate for human interaction (she’d been placed in solitary confinement due to her illness), she calls out to the guard in an attempt to be given any sort of comfort. The guard can offer her none, and Corrie realizes that she must find comfort in the Lord alone.

    1. Julie, wow – that gave me chills. We can only find comfort in the Lord alone! The gospel is so beautiful, and when we fully grasp the depths of grace, we find contentment and comfort in God alone!

  7. Allison this was a wonderful post and spoke to my heart. I’ve been coming to a place where I need to see who I really am in Christ. I’m finding my new identity after walking with Him my whole life. I am finding the new me in HIM.

    Thank you for your ministry and your encouragement. I appreciate you! 💛

  8. Hi Allison,

    I really enjoyed your message however when trying to download the Bible study I was having issues. Can you help ?


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