The hurts from this imperfect world can run deep and impact the heart, am I right? I’m here to tell you that…

If you’ve been betrayed by a spouse… If you’ve been fired from a comfortable job… If you’ve been abused and used… If you’ve been left for garbage, forgotten and shamed… If you’ve been scammed and cheated… If you’ve suffered from depression or addiction… If you’ve never felt safe… If you’ve been deserted by those who are supposed to love you…There. Is. Hope. It’s the gospel. It’s alive. It’s true. Stick around & run after it with me, okay?

  • A-Z Verses for Overcoming Anxiety
  • The Secret to Finding Healing from a Broken Identity
  • A Prayer for the Lonely & Forgotten
  • Why a Diet Won't Fix + What Will Instead
  • When Being a Christian Feels Like Hard Work

It is simply the truth that we need God’s Word to overcome the hardships of life… 

If you struggle with anxiety, there is a whole long list of promises & Scriptures to overcome fear. If you want to intercede boldly for your marriage, there is a guide to support you. And if you need to know your real worth – your identity – there is a Bible study straight from Ephesians to encourage your heart. It’s all here in a resource library, and it’s FREE, because this is important. Get access here!

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