How to Accept Interruptions as from the Lord

I heard a quote a long time ago that hasn’t ever escaped me.

“So now I take interruptions as from the Lord. They belong in my schedule, because the schedule is God’s to arrange at His pleasure.”

Why would such a simple quote haunt me, convict me, and challenge me for years? And yet, how do I forget the message so often?

Interruptions are inevitable, yet they never fail to impact my mood for the worse. I get upset, frustrated, and annoyed. But I've learned that it changes my attitude when I believe they are from God. Read here for 3 tips for how to accept interruptions as from God! Because, friend? God is the creator and author of this life in the first place.

I love routine. I love schedules. In fact, I create schedules far in advance and succeed in sticking to them. But all of this means so much more than just creating a schedule.

It means I love control.

I’ve known this for quite a long time. I don’t mean control in a you-must-do-what-I-say-or-else kind of control. I mean control in that I like making my own decisions, I like knowing what to expect, and I like being my own boss.

In a nutshell, I guess I should say I like being my own god.

And that, my friends, is as real as it gets. It is painful to admit that I am my own idol. That I function out of selfishness. That I don’t trust in the Lord like I have been called to trust.

We’ve got to snap out of it and realize that God is the author of our lives and He makes the decisions regarding our life and He… well, He makes our schedules.

When a friend texts and says “I need you,” you set aside your own schedule because the Lord is interrupting it for His own agenda.

When you are asked to do another project for work, and you don’t feel like setting aside the current one, God is interrupting your schedule because He has something better in store.

When you get sick right in the middle of a big deadline, God is interrupting your schedule and telling you to slow down because He knows you need rest.

Do you see what I mean?

Interruptions are inevitable, but it changes my attitude when I believe they are from God. Read here for 3 tips for how to accept interruptions as from God!

Now, believe me when I say that I put up a fight about this more often than not. I like MY way. I like MY schedule. I like MY agenda.

And yet, when I submit to the Lord and accept that His plan is so much better, I somehow grow and change and adapt in light of His purposes. That is huge.

“…interruptions are of the Lord…”

Growing in light of His purposes.

His purposes for my life, my schedule, my relationships, my work, my studies, my exercise – it’s hard to submit to all of that when the idol of me stands in the way.

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How in the world should you do it – how to let the Lord interrupt your schedule?

I think we can do three things to learn how to accept interruptions from the Lord.

  1. Live with intention.

When I am living with intention and welcoming God into my every decision, thought, word, and deed, I suddenly switch from thinking about little god me to focusing on The God of the Universe. And I will admit to you that I fail in this respect about 99.8% of the time. But, when I fall aside and choose intention, I’m choosing Jesus. I’m choosing His purposes.

  1. Verbally welcome God into our schedules.

What if my attitude at the start of every day was of my reliance on God? What if I woke up each morning and said “God, I need you to interrupt my schedule today with your purposes.” Well, that’s exactly what I’m suggesting. I am suggesting that we ask God to interrupt us – our agendas, our lives, our relationships. Invite Him into your schedule and His purposes will prevail.

Interruptions are inevitable, but it changes my attitude when I believe they are from God. Read here for 3 tips for how to let the Lord interrupt your schedule!

  1. Know God’s purposes.

How can we invite God’s purposes into our schedules unless we know what those purposes are? God might land right in the middle of our workday, only to be passed up because we didn’t recognize His presence. I think this happens far too often. But imagine if we were familiar with God’s presence, if we saturated our mind with Truths about His love, grace, mercy and power.

We would recognize Him when He decided to interrupt our schedule. And in doing that, His purposes for our schedule would rule over any little me god that I choose to put in the place of Him.

Believe me when I say that I struggle to do these three things. Like I said, I really enjoy control. But God is breaking me of that.

He is choosing to teach me that interruptions truly are from Him.

How do you accept interruptions – as from the Lord or as a nuisance? What is something you can do to battle against the lies that say I should rule? Invite God to help you, to teach you, and to encourage you.

Need prayer about a particular part of your schedule? One of my greatest joys is hearing from readers and praying for them! Send me an email. It would be my joy to pray for you.

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