How to Embrace Life as an Average Wife

I am an average wife.

I cook. I clean. I sleep. I eat. I cry. I laugh. I read. I write.

You get the idea.

Being a wife can feel average. However, we can embrace life as an average Christian wife! Here is some godly advice about having a content & happy marriage - even in the mundane of life! There are three things you should stop doing, and three things you should start. Take this challenge to embrace life as a Christian wife!

I am not the wife who runs a successful ministry.

I am not the wife who earns six figures working in a fifteen-story building.

I am not the wife competing in weekend triathlons.

I am not the wife bouncing six babies on my hips while making a three-course meal with a smile on my face…I don’t even have kids yet!

I am just me.

I used to think that was a bad thing – don’t we all? I wanted to do it all, be it all, have it all.

But God grabbed this heart of mine and taught me a lesson – gently, of course. And it is an important one.

Just you is just who you need to be.

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I am called to be an average wife in this mundane life. I am also called to embrace life as an average wife.

Wow, life can feel average - especially life as a wife. But you were put in this average place for a purpose. Read on for how to embrace life as a wife!

And if this is a calling – and maybe it is for you, too – then how do we do it well? I think there are three things we should stop doing and three things we should start doing.

We should STOP…

  • Comparing.
    • Comparison is a joy killer. It hurts relationships, it hinders callings, and it gets in the way of authentic, intentional life. When we compare to the missionary wife or the bread-winner wife, we are squeezing the joy out of our calling to be a mundane wife. Which leads me to…
  • Complaining.
    • Wives, we’ve got to stop complaining. Life as wife might seem pretty boring – I mean cooking and cleaning? But when we complain about this calling to be a wife, we lose out on the joy of intentional marriage. The joy of embracing our God-given gifts. Embrace it!
  • Criticizing.
    • Oh goodness, I am queen here. There’s outward criticism, but I’m talking about the inward criticism that likes to eat away at our worthiness. Criticizing our progress, our method, our habits. “I should have done this.” “Why did I do that?” To be an intentional wife, you’ve got to first realize you are worthy.

Wow, life can feel average - especially life as a wife. The cooking, cleaning, preparing, loving. All the things of the mundane add up to be just plain average. But you were put in this average place for a purpose. Read on for how to embrace this life as wife!

And we should START…

  • Embracing.
    • This life. This husband. This calling. This place. Embrace everything as a gift from God.
  • Embarking.
  • Enveloping.
    • It means to “wrap completely.” Wrap your husband completely in the joy of being an average wife. Encourage his heart with your peace, your happiness, your comfortableness being his.

Average is never a bad thing. The cooking & cleaning may feel repetitive. The constant service to those you love may come out as bitterness somedays. And, wife, there may be some days when you don’t want to be average.

Can I encourage you to embrace, embark, and envelope anyway?

It’s in the average acts of being a wife that real love is shared, poured, and grown!

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4 thoughts on “How to Embrace Life as an Average Wife

  1. Hiya, i loved this post, thanks! I am a mother of 3 and wife of course, and my life felt mundane for a while there, ok, for a long time now. I compared myself to even other mundane wives – how does she get away with doing her nails so nicely,,,,where does she find the time, the money etc,,,,,,
    Or, i wish i could be so graceful like she is,,,,etc etc,,, you get the picture.
    However your post really hit on something special, and that is, we are to do whatever it is god gave us to do, to do it WELL! It is possible to clean the bins and say “lord, i am doing this because this is something you have given me to do” like washing feet,,,,,the greatest in the kingdom are who? the servant, and that is what you made me to be, and am adamant to do it well for you Lord, with cups of coffee inbetween of course. He lets us enjoy the little things in life inbetween. Motherhood too has been a blessing and a curse, blessing cos its from god, but with it, the responsibility, the burdens of heart wrenching emotions that come with motherhood, seeing sick kids, that guilty feeling when you know you have been impatient and cold and temperamental with them, the sadness and grief of them leaving the nest, the biting lonliness,,,,,,all these emotions kill me, but would i have it any other way,,,no way. And our hubbies, the very man whom we came from,,,,,,we are his rib for sure, part of him, right beside him all the way. So many lessons to learn.

    1. Caroline, you have hit on so many essential points! I love your mention of the greatest in the kingdom being the servants. And the idea of choosing to do servanthood well. It is a big heart struggle sometimes (I’m with you there!), but a rewarding and sweet one when we CHOOSE to serve with purpose.
      Thanks so much for sharing a little of your story here. Serving your 3 kiddos and your husband has incredible kingdom purpose! Be encouraged that you are working as unto the Lord. <3

    2. I loved the way you worded this feeling. I just told myself this morning what a simple woman I am, living such a simple life. But I love that I am an average wife married to a loving and supportive husband, with supportive and loving children and grandchildren. I am surrounded by wonderful, and equally average, women I call friends. It doesn’t get any better than this on this earth.

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