How to Unleash Your Identity in Christ with One Brave Question

What would happen if you were brave enough to ask, “God, who am I to You?

I believe that walls of insecurity, shame, fear, and hurt would come crashing down. Because believing lies about ourselves causes distance from God.

For a long while, without even realizing it was happening, I believed that I was an inconvenience. No one ever said the word, but the mind has a way of taking one moment – one story – and sticking it to the heart forever.

Believing I was an inconvenience lead to making myself a convenience. I served others out of fear and need for approval. Boundaries were nonexistent and I was weighed down with responsibility.

One of the best parts of myself – something God created for beauty – was misused, wounded, and covered in shame. And I felt distanced from God.

I firmly believe that we all have tremendous gifts, passions, and purposes within us. And it is God’s intention for us to know our identity and live as though we were created in His image. He longs for us to tap into the glorious gifts He has given and use them for something bold and purposeful.

Yet, so often, we believe the stories from our past or the label that is stuck to our heart. We end up wounded, afraid, and distanced from the Healer.


What if we were brave enough to ask, “God, who am I to YOU?”


The Bible is overflowing with promises of our worth to God – inherent value that we do not earn or seek after. Our identity holds true and steady.

The world may say that you are worthless, but God says that you are His workmanship, created for good works, which He has prepared for you.

Maybe you’ve heard that you’re unwanted. God says that you are a prized possession, a saint, and a chosen daughter.

If you can’t shake the label of being timid and shy, know that God says that you do not have a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.

We may read and even know these truths, but are they hitting our hearts?

The distance we feel from God isn’t because we struggle with Bible Study or stink at prayer. Rather, we are afraid to accept who God says we are because doing so would mean radical change. Therefore, we remain distant.

Maybe you should read that last paragraph one more time, my friend.

We must do the hard heart work of digging up the lies we’ve believed, facing them, and combatting them with truth. We must ask God who He thinks we are. Then, we must bravely trust Him.

That’s the key: taking the Truth He whispers to our hearts and running with it.

How can you discover the lies you’ve believed, my friend?


What would happen to your identity in Christ if you were unafraid to ask one, brave question? What God thinks of you is SO powerful & SO beautiful that is causes nothing but drastic change. Ask the question. Dig into the heart work of discovering your identity in Christ. Then, watch as the power of God's opinion transforms your soul.

Here are four stages you can walk through to unleash your true identity in Christ:


1 // Identify

What lie have you believed? How has the devil twisted a story, an experience, or a spoken word?

It may be helpful to spend time journaling. If you don’t have a great memory (raising my hand!), it will be helpful to come back and reflect on what God is showing you.


2 // Clarify

Who does God say you are? What promises has He given in His Word? It is also helpful to ask, “Who does God say you are NOT?”

Grab your Bible and find 5-10 verses that bring clarity and healing to this mistaken part of your identity.


3 // Believe

Do you accept these truths about who you are and honestly believe them?

Pray for yourself often – that you would remember God’s Promises when you are tempted to fall back on the lies.


4 // Action

Finally, how does this change the way you live?

This is the key. Discovering new pieces of your identity is an exciting journey. However, you must commit to not giving in to apathy. Instead, pursue growth in grace as you live from your new identity.


Most likely these are not questions you’ll be able to answer in one sitting. It may takes days, weeks, or even months. I don’t promise it’s easy to dig through the filing cabinet of old wounds, uncovering hurts and confusion.

However, what about your life will change if you ask God – bravely – “Who am I to You, Lord?”


What about your life will change if you bravely ask God, "Who am I to You?" Because a deeper understanding of your identity is cause for true & lasting change!


Accepting our true identity in Christ forces us to respond and change. When we understand that we’re redeemed and glorified, we shouldn’t be able to remain stagnant. When we grasp that we are God’s workmanship, we should delight in doing His work in the earth. If the truth of your status as an adopted daughter is real in your heart, you’ll no longer live abandoned or afraid.

The Lord longs to heal your wounds and dry your tears – even if the labels seem stuck or the story feels too engrained.

Seek Him – boldly and bravely – and ask, “Lord, who am I to YOU?

He cannot wait to bridge a wide gap with the answer to that one, bold question.

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14 thoughts on “How to Unleash Your Identity in Christ with One Brave Question

  1. This helps me so much,and right when I need to hear this with everything going on in my life. Thank you, God bless you.

  2. Thanks for this … all my life I have struggled with the feeling that I am forgotten and invisible. Through this God has reminded me that he will never forget me, he has engraved me on the palms of his hands!

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