How You Can Make an Impact as an Introvert

I’ve wanted to be an extrovert for as long as I can remember.

Extroverts are fun and energetic and friendly and uplifting.

Extroverts like large crowds and big exciting parties.

Extroverts make people laugh and always seem to be wildly popular.

And then there’s me – an introvert.

Can an introvert make an impact? I recently received this question by email and thought, "Oh yes! Absolutely!" Be brave, introvert. Be strong. You've been given spiritual gifts by the Father and you can - and will - know how to make a difference as an introvert. Be encouraged today!

I like staying home with a mug of tea and a good book. In fact, I prefer the comfort of my couch when offered an invitation to a big exciting party.

I like intimate groups that allow for much vulnerability and deep conversation. In fact, I often feel lost in large groups.

I’m not especially funny, witty, or sarcastic. In fact, sometimes my husband’s sarcasm is completely lost on me and I ask “Really?!” like I’m five years old.

No, I am not an extrovert. I am an introvert, and I’ve learned that introverts can make a big impact.

Introverts have some unique gifts from our Heavenly Father that I’d love to share with you. These gifts, when used with wisdom & strength, are tools for being bold for Christ.

How You Can Make a Difference as an Introvert:

You are quiet. And this makes you a great listener.

One time I spoke for about 8 minutes without stopping and my mom said, I’ve never heard you talk for so long! This is because I absolutely love listening.

If we were to meet for coffee, I would ask you about twenty-eight questions and respond with a lot of head nods and mhmmm’s.

This is making an impact.

We need listeners in the world – people who will listen to understand rather than react. We need quiet people who will sit back and let others cry without rushing in to fix it. We need people of impact who simply love to be still with others.

If you are an introvert, this is most likely you. And you, my friend, can make a big impact in the life of another soul.

You try until you succeed. And this makes you effective. 

Every introvert I have ever met has an impressive work ethic. In fact, sometimes they aren’t sure when to stop.

In ministry – when you’re trying to make an impact for the gospel – this is a beautiful thing.

You won’t give up. You’ll see it through. You’ll love people really well. You’ll keep trying until something makes a difference.

You will not stop until you’ve impacted a life, several lives, hundreds of lives.

Can I encourage you about that? What endurance! We are called to run the race of life with endurance & you, my friend, are doing it.

Chase after those dreams of ministry, small groups, church plants, writing, volunteering, and more. Put your mind to it and you won’t stop.

You just have to take the first step.

Can an introvert make an impact? I recently received this question by email and thought, "Oh yes! Absolutely!" Be brave, introvert. Be strong. You've been given spiritual gifts by the Father and you can - and will - make a difference. Be encouraged today!

You are trustworthy. And this makes you safe. 

You hold people’s burdens well. You care with a deep heart. You respect those around you.

And because of that you have a trustworthy spirit.

Pray and ask God to bring people into your life that need a trustworthy friend. Because you know what? We live in a broken world, and many people have never experienced a trustworthy relationship.

This is important.

People need other trustworthy people.

When you’re able to hold someone’s burdens with grace and love, amazing things happen. Souls are changed and lives are touched.

Be someone trustworthy to those around you and you will be making an impact.

My introverted friend, you are so valuable in the eyes of our Lord. He longs to use your gifts to reach those around you.

So remember when I said that I want to be an extrovert?

I think I’ve changed my mind. I’ve embraced some of the spiritual gifts God has given me and I am content.

I know how to make a difference as an introvert. I can trust that God will use me for His glory.

Listening, never giving up, and being a trustworthy friend? Now those are the qualities of someone of impact.

Move forward in boldness and pray for a soft heart to follow in God’s direction for your ministry.

Trust me, friend. He’ll use you – even as an introvert.

*Let me make a small note here and say that in no way am I suggesting that extroverts are not good listeners, persevering souls, or trustworthy friends. Rather, this post is encouragement for the introvert who wants to make a difference –  someone who almost always possesses these qualities

P.S. The mission here is to encourage bold living rooted in grace. I’d love to encourage you to grow in this way by trusting the Lord more – without wavering. This FREE 6-day study is all about that. Subscribe below & grab it for free!

18 thoughts on “How You Can Make an Impact as an Introvert

  1. YES. I love this. also, I cracked up when I read how you always ask twenty something questions and then just sit and listen. because that’s how our conversations always went. 😉 love you friend! ❤️

    1. 🙂 you are so sweet, Ellie. Thanks for commenting. I remember our coffee dates and lunch dates well! Miss you much!

  2. I really loved this. As an introvert, I’ve struggled with how I can make an impact for Christ. I never like large crowds and prefer silence over a lot of idle chatter. But I loved the part about being trustworthy…as I am. And my heart hurts for those hurting and so I know God has called me to be used as a prayer warrior for such people. Yes! He can use us! He designed us…introvert and all.
    Thank you for this!

    1. Sue, I’m thankful that you got something from reading this! My heart breaks for hurting people as well. I think “a gentle and quiet spirit” can often lead to a heart that aches for the hurting and lonely. Prayer is so important, and your prayers WILL make an impact!

  3. It’s so encouraging to read this. As an introvert, sometimes I wish I could make the kind of impact I see extroverts making. God uses introverts to meet those needs that maybe others don’t see. I love how God uses the body of Christ and the gifts of each individual to minister to others.

    1. I’m with you, Valerie. I love that you say, “God uses introverts to meet those needs that maybe others don’t see.” How powerful! Thanks for your encouragement.

  4. What a good word, Alison!
    I love introverts! My very best friends are introverts! Someone has to listen!!
    Seriously, you have hit on the depth, richness, and beauty of introverts.
    I’m sharing this one today~

  5. Excellent thoughts here about the introvert, friend! This resonated so well with my readers – and me! I love the positive points you brought out – we introverts have much to share and different ways to minister. I’m going to add your post into my blog post called, “How God uses shy people to accomplish bold purposes” because people really need encouragement in this area I think – and encouragement to press on to endurance, as you said!

    Your site is absolutely lovely! You have it rockin’ over here – I love everything about the design, graphics, and colors. You truly have a gift! (I never did figure out photoshop – maybe I don’t have the exact same program as you. I get a brain cramp whenever I try to work it! 😉

    1. Thanks, Ruthie! That is so sweet of you. I do agree with you that many introverts need encouragement to step out and be bold. God’s got big purposes for all of His people – even the quiet introverts! 😉
      And thanks for the compliments on my site. It’s been a work in progress, but it now showcases a bit more of my personality. Ask any questions you want about Photoshop. I used to think I’d never learn it all, and now it’s my creative outlet!

  6. This is a great post Alison. I can relate and was just having this same conversation with a friend yesterday. I too enjoy and honestly prefer the quiet moments. I’ve learned to embrace it and now understand that there’s nothing wrong with me for being the way I am. He will use me exactly as I am because my personality inst a surprise to Him! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wonderful post, Alison!Such great encouragement! I’ve always felt insecure about the introverted aspects of my personality. I love being around people and I love the small groups or even large groups of people I know well. But then I need to retreat to quiet to recharge. Without my alone time, I get hugely depleted. I remember always losing points for participation because I wasn’t one to comment in large forums or ask questions out loud. I would sit in meetings or class and listen, only speaking when absolutely necessary!

  8. I needed to read something like this today! For all my life I felt like I’m wrong and sometimes I still feel like that. People often don’t understand us and that make it feel so lonely…but to know that God need people like us makes me happy!
    Thank you so much!

    1. It’s an honor to bring hope to you in the form of this post. God WILL use us, despite the loneliness many of us introverts feel on a regular basis. I do understand that. Thankfully God promises to all His people who have willing hearts. What a Savior we serve!

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