Five Simple Prayers You Can Pray to Start Your Day

Starting the day off well is essential for many of us. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the first few minutes of the day shape how the next 24 hours will play out.

If I wake up frazzled and overwhelmed, my day is likely to feel rushed.

If I wake up fearful and anxious, my thoughts tend to linger in the unknown.

But when I wake up joyful and confident in the Lord? Well, there’s no guarantee I’ll have a great day, but I generally feel a sense of peace and calm.

The way you start the day is important.

Daily prayer for guidance is a great way to start your morning! Here you will find a five simple prayers to start the day & an idea to start your day with prayer. Will you consider praying for the first (and I mean very first) 30 seconds of every day this month? Join us!

What if we all spent the first (and I mean very first) moments of the day praying?

I’m talking a short, 30-second prayer you can pray as you hop out of bed and walk to the coffee maker.

I’ve included 5 prayers here – prayers to start the day.

Would you orient your mind to the ways & purposes of God this morning? Tomorrow morning?

Every morning for the next month?

I encourage you to try it & watch as your heart becomes more and more attuned to our God.

#1 – A Prayer for Your Attitude

“Lord, I thank you for this day. I thank you for the opportunity to be your witness. I thank you for your provision, your love, and your grace. My attitude shapes my day, Father, and I ask that you would grant me an attitude of joy and patience, peace and thanksgiving. I ask that my attitude would bless those around me for your glory. All in all, I want to be about you and I desire that my attitude reflect this. Thank you for your work in my life. I praise you today! Amen.”

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3 thoughts on “Five Simple Prayers You Can Pray to Start Your Day

  1. Alison, what a beautiful group of prayers. You’re right! Those first few minutes can set the tone for the whole day. Asking for God’s help immediately makes all the difference. I love the challenge. I’m in!

    1. Thanks, Deb! Sometimes my early morning prayers are a bit scatter-brained, so I knew I needed some guides to help. 🙂

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