For the wife, friend, daughter, and momma who needs much grace – there is room at this table for you. Sit awhile?

There are days when we want to give in and try to earn the title of Good Wife, Good Friend, Good Mom, or Good Daughter. But the reality is this: The title means nothing if we’re not living all of our relationships deeply rooted in grace. How do we embrace authenticity, vulnerability, and freedom in the messiness of earthly relationships? How can we love well and be bold for the gospel in our marriages, friendships, and more? It’s all grace. There is encouragement for you here, soul.

  • Those discouraging. down & out, frustrating days happen to all of us, don't they? But as wives, we often don't know how to respond when our husbands experience a discouraging day. It's important to support him. So, here are 5 ways to support a discouraged spouse! They are practical, simple, and effective.
    Why I Quit Being a Good Wife
  • 12 Verses that Influence My Life as a Wife
  • The Let's Talk Relationships Series
  • 5 Ways to Support a Discouraged Husband
  • When You're Not the Mom You Wanted to Be

Need a library of resources to encourage personal growth as you strive to live full of grace in all relationships? 

I understand the weight of trying to learn the ropes of this relationship thing on your own. It’s heavy, because relationships are hard – especially the raw & vulnerable ones. I’ve created a library of resources you can use to grow personally as you step into grace-filled relationships. Included is a Wife’s Scripture & Prayer Pack, a study on our identity as a child of God, a guide to praying boldly, and more! Grab it all FREE below.

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The Secret to Beautiful Relationships

{The final day of the Let's Talk Relationships series} After reading about, praying for, and diving deep into relationships for the past month, there are two things I know for certain. Relationships are sweet – a gift from the Lord meant to show us more of Himself....

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Oh yes! I have one more really sweet resource to share… 


My dear friend, Melanie Redd, and I created a 15-Day Friendship Challenge. We saw a burden in the lives of women all over the globe – loneliness is winning & women are feeling forgotten. We wanted to encourage deep friendships. The challenge ran live in September of 2016, but we felt a burden to continue the journey. We compiled the challenge into an eBook for you, and it’s available for $5.99! Grab your copy here!

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