How to Schedule Pins Quickly with Tailwind

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Pinterest is a game-changer for almost every blogger I know.

Personally, Pinterest accounts for over 90% of my monthly blog traffic and sends countless new members to my subscriber community each week. Without Pinterest, I’d be flailing my arms above my head, tempted to call it quits.

If you’re not on Pinterest, I strongly urge you to create a business account and start pinning to personal boards and group boards. I believe you’ll see a spike in traffic almost immediately.

And if you’re already on Pinterest and are having a hard time staying consistent, I recommend Tailwind. Just as Pinterest has been a game-changer for my blog, Tailwind has been a game-changer for my sanity.

As bloggers and writers, we simply cannot be on Pinterest multiple times throughout the day. We need time to craft quality blog posts, create eye-catching images, and establish a relationship with the people in our subscriber communities. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

Tailwind has given me the essential ability to improve my pin quality, pinning consistency, and presence on Pinterest. It’s affordable, easy-to-use, and beyond beneficial.

You may be thinking…Wait, easy-to-use? Are you sure?

Maybe you’ve logged into Tailwind and been overwhelmed by the sheer number of tabs. Or, it could be that you’ve spent just as much time scheduling pins on Tailwind as you were previously spending live pinning. I did this when I first started using Tailwind. I got frustrated and almost cancelled my account.

Then, I discovered a super-simple way to schedule pins quickly with Tailwind. It is fast, effective, and simple.

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How to Schedule Pins Quickly with Tailwind

The first three steps provide a foundation for efficient pinning, so you only need to perform these three steps once.

1. Create several board lists.

Log into your account and click on Publish on the left-side menu. You’ll see a tab named Board Lists. Click on that tab, then start creating board lists with your individual boards and group boards. I recommend creating these lists based on the size of your boards.

For example, you might be a member of ten large group boards. Create two board lists for these boards: one named Large Group #1 and the other named Large Group #2.

You’ll see why it’s important to break up the boards into smaller groups in a minute.

Here is an example of what my board lists look like:

2. Set up your pinning schedule.

After you’ve created your board lists, it’s time to create your pinning schedule. ClickΒ Your Schedule on the left-side menu. This takes you to a page with your weekly pinning schedule.

Click on time-slots to add a pinning time to the schedule. Tailwind provides suggested pinning times based on your account activity, so it’s a good idea to use their suggested time-slots. However, you can also add your own time slot.

After you’ve created a schedule that will keep your account active all day long, it will look something like this.

3. Add a Chrome Extension button for easy pinning.

After you’ve created your weekly schedule, click to add the chrome extension to your browser. (See image below.) I suggest using Chrome to schedule your pins, but if you prefer Safari, see this short article for more information about the Safari Extension.

Now that you’ve laid the foundation for efficient pinning, it’s time to schedule your pins. These steps will be performed weekly or monthly, depending on your personal preference, for keeping your Tailwind queue filled with pins.

4. Schedule pins from your personal Pinterest boards.

When it’s time to schedule your pins, open your Pinterest account and choose one of your boards.

HINT: it’s a good idea to have a board designated solely for pinning your own blog posts. See mine here.

Once you’ve opened your board, click on the Chrome Extension you installed in step three. This brings up a page full of pins from that Pinterest board. Click to highlight several pins, and then click on the drop-down menu to add a board list (that you created in step one) to these pins. See the process with images below…

Open your Pinterest board and click on the Chrome Extension button.
Click on individual pins to add them to your schedule. You’ll see the pins fill up a row at the bottom of the page. Then, click ‘Go Schedule.’
Choose a board list. I suggest only choosing one or two board lists at a time.
You’ll see the individual boards from the board list fill the space under your pins. (If the board is orange, this means the pin has been shared on that group board before. Don’t worry. Most boards move fast enough that this doesn’t matter much.) Click ‘Schedule All.’

5. Repeat step 4 to schedule other blogger’s pins.

Use this exact same process to schedule other pins (not your own) for the same board list. This ensures you’re sharing 50% of your pins and 50% of other people’s pins. I have found that this is a great ratio for pinning.

For example, I will open another personal board containing my pins and other blogger’s pins (such as this board), choose several pins that are not my own, and then schedule them for Large Group #1.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for every board list you have.

Completing steps four and five have helped you schedule over 50 pins for one board list in under five minutes. It may seem daunting to complete this process for every board list you have, but I promise that once you get the hang of it, the whole process (scheduling over 700 pins) takes less than 30 minutes.

For example, after filling Large Group #1 with my pins and other people’s pins, I would then complete the process for Large Group #2. Then Small Group #1. Then Small Group #2 and so on and so forth.

7. Finally, don’t forget to shuffle.

After all of this scheduling, the most important step is the final one – shuffling your queue. Log in to your Tailwind account, click on the Scheduled Pins tab, take a few minutes to celebrate how many pins you just scheduled in a short amount of time, and then hit the shuffle button.

Shuffling your queue makes sure that giant groups of the same pin aren’t shared all in one long sequence. Instead, you want your pins to be a mixture of your content and other people’s content spread throughout the day.

Some Final Tips…

As you are scheduling your pins, make sure that every pin has a pin description with key words included. Also, make sure your pins have a source URL. Tailwind will alert you if both of these things are missing, so pay attention to their warning and fix the problem or Tailwind won’t let you schedule the pins.

Tailwind is a fantastic tool for maintaining a consistent presence on Pinterest throughout each day. If you’d like to grab a free trial, click here.

4 thoughts on “How to Schedule Pins Quickly with Tailwind

  1. Thank you for this great advice! I just got on Tailwind about 2 weeks ago and I’m trying to get more serious with my Pinterest since it seems to help other bloggers! I sure hope it works!

    1. Yes, Pinterest is a game-changer! Hopefully this can help you get organized right from the start. Good luck, girl. I’m excited for you!

  2. Excellent tutorial! I see how this works for pinning to group boards effectively. Do you have a strategy for pinning other people’s pins (via search) to your own boards? Thanks!

    1. Oooo, good question. I usually pin to my personal boards by live pinning. When I have a few extra minutes during the day, I’ll search for different topics that relate to my personal boards – like ” overcoming anxiety” or “best blog tips” – and pin some of those pins to my personal board. You could use the exact same strategy with Tailwind. Search, hit the Tailwind chrome extension button, choose some appropriate pins, and schedule them. This guarantees you’re pinning excellent content, because the pins show up highly ranked with a Pinterest search. Thanks for asking! I hope this gives you some food for thought. πŸ™‚

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