25+ Free Resources that Encourage Spiritual Growth

Four hours.

That’s how long I sat squished against a stranger, looking out the window at the airport tarmac.

Sure, the flight attendants came through with tiny bags of pretzels and cups of water. I had several good books to read and podcast episodes downloaded. But still, four hours? It felt more like forty hours.

I texted my husband to let him know I’d be much later than we originally thought. Still waiting… My phone buzzed with his response a few seconds later – a row of wide-eyed, shocked emojis.


This is how I used to feel about spiritual growth.


I would open the Word, read through a passage, and attempt to glean some truth from the pages. But too often, I ended up frustrated – stuck and waiting.

Hebrews 4:12 tells us, “The Word of God is living and active, sharper than any double-edged sword…” I desperately wanted the living and active truth to seep into my hard heart and transform my living. But there I sat, just as I had on that long evening on the runway, with an open Bible and an anxious sense that I may never start moving.

If you’ve been there – or if you are there – it’s important to arm yourself with spiritual resources you can use to strengthen your faith and equip yourself with truth. It’s not enough to say that you’ll get there someday. It’s essential to jump in now and start stepping toward greater spiritual intimacy. 

I’ve compiled a list of over 25 free resources you can use to strengthen your spiritual life. These resources come from trusted blogging friends and it is an honor to share them with you. Prayer, Bible Study, overcoming fear, and more – my friend, you are bound to find something helpful here.

Don’t sit on the runway of apathy any longer. Download one or two of the following free resources & dive in!


In need of deep spiritual growth this year? Here is a power-packed list of 25+ FREE resources that encourage godly, grace-filled growth. There is something here for everyone!

25+ Free Resources for Spiritual Growth:


1. 31 Days of Proverbs Journal from Dawn Klinge

This printable booklet is designed to encourage meditation and/or memory work on one scripture each day of the month. The blank lines may be used to record your own thoughts and prayers.


2. Printable Scripture Posters from Military Wife After God

I had been struggling remembering to go to God when my marriage or my motherhood or just life in general was getting me down. So, I started creating my own printable Scripture Posters to frame and hang all over my home in hopes of “saturating my life with Scripture!” Now I’m excited to be able to share my library of Printable Scripture Posters with you to help you to saturate your own home with Scripture, too!


3. The 5-Day Hope Toolkit from Lori Schumaker

In this toolkit, you will receive a 5-day series of Scripture prayers giving you a solid foundation in how to pray God’s Will through praying His Word. You will also receive 1) a checklist to determine whether you have a hopeful or hopeless attitude 2) a beautiful printable image with positive “I am…” statements of truth 3) and a list of my go-to books, blogs, and websites when I am in need of encouragement.


4. Fear to Faith Worksheets from Valerie Murray

If you want to trade your fears for faith, then I hope you’ll join me as we walk the path of freedom together. I hope to encourage you and provide resources that will help you 1) recognize the fears you have 2) understand how fears have impacted your life 3) make a decision to move past fear 4) learn why you can trust God 5) learn to walk through fear by taking gradual steps 6) make a fear ladder to document progress and think about what your next step will be 7) and utilize the power of God’s word and spiritual armor to train thoughts and take action!


5. Discover Your Gifts: A Biblical Guide to Uncovering Your Spiritual Gifts from Cultivate Grace

The Discover Your Gifts guide is designed to help you take the first step on your journey to discover your God-given purpose. I believe each of us has been given unique gifts from God, but sometimes, it can be hard to recognize them. This guide makes it simple! Learn why spiritual gifts matter so much, what kinds of gifts God created, and uncover your own spiritual gifts in this FREE guide.

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6. What is Joy: A Look at the Hebrew & Greek Roots of the Word from Lizzy Ainsworth

This printable was born out of a friend praying that I would become the most joyful person I knew, and me wondering what that really looked like.  Of course the best place to find out was to research all the Hebrew and Greek word roots for joy. I discovered that more often than not, there is an action to finding joy!


7. Make Over Your Family Bible Study Challenge from Faith Along the Way

This mini-e-course will help you 1) Evaluate your current personal and family Bible study with an easy assessment tool 2) Learn EASY and QUICK  Bible study techniques for both personal and family Bible study 3) Determine the secret to consistent Bible study and prayer (even for families!) 4) Explore creative and FUN ways to grow in faith (for kids, too!) and 5) Create a simple and practical Bible study plan for the whole family!


8. Becoming a Humble Wife Prayer Cards from Mama of Three Boys

Are there instances in your marriage, in mothering, or other relationships where you see the need to become humble? MamaofThreeBoys.com is giving away a set of 8 beautifully designed prayer cards called “Becoming a Humble Wife” when you sign up for her monthly newsletter. Digital prints delivered right to your inbox!


9. Themed Scripture Writing Plans from The Felicity Bee

Scripture Writing has transformed my Bible Study. By quieting my mind, and simply taking time each day to Inscribe the Word, I have heard God’s voice in a fresh way. My heart’s cry is that we not just write the words in our journals to put on the shelf. I pray that we don’t make this Bible Study just a ritual or burdensome “to-do”. Let’s CARVE THE WORD on our hearts.  I want it to permanently change who we are. Let it be a permanent reminder of who God is and what He has done.


10. Hope for the Hurting Wife eBook from Being Confident of This & Becky Hallberg

Hope for the Hurting Wife is an ebook for all wives, but especially for those who are struggling through a difficult season in marriage. This ebook offers 14 days of practical advice and encouragement for the wife who wants to stay and even for the wife who is ready to leave. These devotionals will meet you in your pain and loneliness and gently guide you to the only hope that never fails.


In need of deep spiritual growth this year? Here is a power-packed list of 25+ FREE resources that encourage godly, grace-filled growth. There is something here for everyone!


11. My Identity in Christ Printable PDF from Inkblots of Hope

I’ve been using this same “Identity in Christ” list for ten years now. It’s seen ten years of me “trying to find myself” when all I really needed was to find myself in Christ. It’s several pages of listings of who we all are as the body of Christ with corresponding Bible verses for deeper study!


12. Preparing Your Heart for Prayer that Works eCourse from Courage. Hope. Love.

Join me in preparing your heart for powerful and effective prayer that works. These 5 lessons include exclusive resources, encouragement and instruction to guide you to growth in your faith and transformation in your prayer life.


13. 10 Different Ways to Start Reading Your Bible Every Day from Healthy Living Mom

As a Christian, one of my favorite things to do didn’t include reading my bible. I knew I should make time to read every day – but it was so hard for me! Why do I struggle reading THE most important book every day? I’ll tell you why…and how I made time to read it every day. Plus I’ll give you 10 different ways to start reading your bible every day!


14. Printable Life Verse Log from The Modern Mary

A few years ago, after reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, I decided to circle specific pieces of scripture in my Bible for myself, my husband, and each of our kids.  God’s promises for our lives that I could pray over. It took a while, but after a lot of prayer and searching, I came up with the perfect life verses for myself and for each of my people. I use this life scripture log as a way to keep track of these important verses!

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15. The Joyful Girl’s Guide to Living Free eBook from Lauren Gaskill

With so many negative posts floating around the web these days, you can take a step to keep encouragement in your inbox! The Joyful Girl’s Guide to Living Free is an ebook that walks readers through the five habits of a woman who is growing in faith.


16. Unlocking the Promises of Psalm 119 from Sarah Koontz

The powerful promises of Psalm 119 teach us how to commune with God in the good times and the bad, revealing the critical role God’s word is to play in our day-to-day lives. And I want to spend three weeks studying it WITH YOU!


17. 7 Day Prayer Challenge (Printable Cards) from Melanie Redd

It is my prayer that these printable cards will help you and your family to make a bigger deal out of prayer in your home. Your family can become a praying family today!


18. You Were Made to Sparkle eBook from SunSparkleShine

As women, we get so caught up with doing, that we forget to ‘be’. Plus, we’re so busy meeting the needs of others that we seldom take care of ourselves. Who has time to shine anyway? If any of this sounds familiar, then You Were Made to Sparkle is for you.


19. How Forgiveness Sets Us Free Devotional from Shelemah

This devotional looks at biblical forgiveness, as well as what forgiving does and does not mean. It will teach you how to walk in the freedom of forgiveness.


20. 5 Day Prayer Plan for Overcoming Fear from Alisa Nicuad

Is fear & anxiety holding you back from God’s best in your life? This 5-Day Prayer Plan for Overcoming Fear will provide you with five days of prayer declarations to pray over your life, as well as Scripture cards to carry with you throughout the day.


21. Prayer Study for Momma + Littles from Surviving Toddlerhood 

This study is one that both Mommas and their littles will be able to use to grow in their prayer life. The study is designed for children ages 4 and up and Mommas who want to be able to teach their children while learning about prayer at the same time. Learn about the power of prayer and how you can use prayer to change lives.


22. All In: Learning to Trust God Deeply eCourse from Alison Tiemeyer

I’ve written a free 6-day email study for those who would like to dive in & learn to trust the Lord steadfastly – without wavering. It includes 6 days of lessons, sent straight to your inbox. Each day includes a short reading & the opportunity to dig deeper if you’d like. It’d be an honor to have you join the journey.


23. 10 Day Pray for Yourself Challenge from Kaylene Yoder

In this personal prayer challenge, you will be praying for godly character traits to take root in your heart and become manifest in who you are in your every day life. Who we are when we are at home is truly who we are. If you, like I, could use some help smoothing out the rougher parts of your heart, this prayer challenge is for you!


24. 20 Ways to Increase Your Joy from Joy Pursued 

Joy is a desire that comes from God, a desire which can only be fulfilled by God. We are not complete without God’s joy in our lives. Need a Biblical guide to discovering more joy in your life? Here is a printable list of 20 ways you can begin increasing your joy right away.


25. If Demons Held a National Convention eBook from The Cheerio Trail 

What if you could overhear the Enemy’s strategy?In a style that reflects the Screwtape Letters, explore how the enemy of Christians might use American politics to distract and neutralize believers. Open your eyes & fix your hope today!


26. Resource Library for Spiritual Growth from Alison Tiemeyer

If you’re looking for a study on your identity in Christ, a guide to praying boldly, A-Z Verses for dealing with anxiety, and more, check out the free resource library hosted on the blog. With continual updates, there is always free content in the library certain to encourage your faith.



The list may be overwhelming, and that is understandable. Here is what I suggest: scroll through and choose one or two topics to tackle. Download the free content & work through the material. Then, when you’ve finished using one resource, consider coming back for more.

Take small bites, friend. There is beauty in sitting with the material and letting it impact your heart.

I’m excited for you and your spiritual growth. Commit to using at least one resource from the list. Your life – and your heart – will be blessed.


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    1. So. Much. Value. I’m praying it blesses many as they seek to know more about our Father… Thanks for including a resource in the list, Nicole. 🙂

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