What does it mean to be bold for Christ?

The question plagued me – pulling me deeper into fear rather than the desired faith. I tried my best to live a quiet, obedient life. I lived as any ‘good Christian’ should. I read the Bible when I felt like doing so and prayed in moments of anxiety or pain. But depth? Transformation? The promise of God’s glory inside of me? Those promises felt far, far away.

Then, just as I was getting comfortable with apathy, God broke in and stole my heart. He gave me a desire to walk with Him, actually experiencing the Person I had proclaimed in quiet for so many years.

The freedom this brought was unexpected and filled my soul with curious joy. Suddenly I was on fire to know Jesus – the real Jesus of the gospel. I saturated my soul with truth. I grounded myself in the depths of the gospel. In the process, my heart began to change. 

Grace does that. It changes us – when we allow it to do so.


When we’re clinging to truth and believing the gift of it, grace has the power to transform our weakness into fierce boldness. Grace has the power to interrupt our feeble attempts to perform with its cry for honest response.

Knowing God is beautiful. Experiencing God is magnificent. Grasping grace is transformational. But we have to be willing to be transformed – we must present ourselves as moldable image-bearers. We have to get down on our hands and knees – with our faces buried in the Word of God – and be willing to listen with a posture of holy obedience.    

Boldness comes when we understand the gospel and allow it to impact our deepest selves. When we quit trying to perform for Christ, and we begin living with a heart to follow His sovereign lead.


We become bold when we discover the freedom of our faith.


Would you join me on the journey? I won’t promise that it’s easy. It will take digging, healing, mending your broken fragments, and finding your way back to the arms of the Abba Father. Then, when He has held you and healed you, He will light a fire in you.

The fire is boldness. Welcome the fire. It’s there that true depth, transformation, and promised glory begin.  

Here you’ll find posts and resources for discovering a bold life in Christ!

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Im Alison and it is an absolute joy to meet you here. Ive embarked on a journey to live boldly in the promised freedom of the gospel. There really is no other way to live except fully redeemed, adored and glorified by the God of this universe. Itll change you. I know it has me. To learn more about me & my story, click here.

For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce in us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever!”

2 Corinthians 4:17

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