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Passions are important.

This is a message that echoes around the world nearly everyday, but I worry that we have missed the point. We’ve twisted this message to mean that we must bulldoze ahead and fight for success and work ourselves exhausted.

I believe the opposite. I believe our passions are meant to give us more life – to open our eyes and refresh our minds and spark something in our hearts.

For many years, I believed I was living from my passions. But I was burned out, physically tired and emotionally spent. I heard the quote, “Give yourself permission to be authentic.

And something softened in me.

Give yourself permission to be authentic. -Ruth Soukup Click To Tweet

What is my most authentic self?

My heart comes alive when I write, sharing words that sprout from the many different seasons of life, and encouraging you to do the same. Blogging is a passion.

As I learn more about the Lord daily, it humbles and strengthens me at the very same time. I crave sharing that with you.

I lose myself in the kitchen – hands covered in a new recipe, creating food for those I love.

Faith. Blogging. Baking. These are my passions – the things that make my life sweeter, more meaningful.

This blog is a combination of my most life-giving passions. It’s the authentic version of me sharing with you. And I hope that some of these passions rub off on you, encouraging you to grow faithfully and live passionately right beside me.

So, I ask you: what are your passions?

It is my prayer that this place on the web becomes a tool for you, something you can return to again and again for inspiration, encouragement, and strategy.

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The ultimate goal at AlisonTiemeyer.com is to equip you to grow faithfully and live passionately. There really is no better way to live.

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Looking for practical strategies to grow your blog & reach others with your message?

This 5-Day eCourse lays the foundation for a blog full of purpose. The course begins by providing a strong foundation for inspiration and encouragement, then quickly jumps into practical strategies to build a brand, grow your social media platforms, and develop a subscriber freebie. It’s all free!


For those who would like to grow in their faith:

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  • It's time to trust in the Lord with all of your heart. It's time to trust God in the hard times, with your marriage, with your money. It's time to trust God steadfastly so we can be ALL IN for Jesus. Are you ready to embrace the journey? This powerful 3-part strategy is effective & packed with powerful truth. Oh, and grab the FREE 6-day course to dive deeper! It tells you why & how to trust God steadfastly. Start today! {and grab some free printable note-taking sheets before you get started!}
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