I take a deep breath and stare at the little blinking line on my laptop screen. It’s one of those seasons – a season of little inspiration.

I promise regular, helpful content on my blog.
My commitment to bring worthy words to the eyes of my people still stands.
Even when the inspiration is null, I feel called to write.

This is the life of any blogger I’ve ever met. We are born to write, to share our passions and our thoughts. Some choose to do this privately. We have not.

As bloggers, our calling is mighty. Full of purpose and brimming with passion, God has placed us in this role, with this laptop, in this season, for a reason.

So, as I stare at the blinking line – the line telling me I’ve written all of zero words on that bright white page – I feel led to minister to your heart here.

Because we need each other.

As a Christian blogger, you have a mighty job to do. It's a calling, and it's not always easy. Here are three truths that will help you become a truly successful christian blogger!

My blogging friend, you are sowing seeds.

I’ve been camping out in Hosea with the She Reads Truth gals, and let me tell you, this book of the Bible is no easy read.

It is daily reminding me of my desperate need for grace in all of life. It is showing me that I am a wanderer, an idolater, an Israelite so bent my own way that I don’t search for God.

Surprisingly, I’ve seen my blogging journey more than anything else.

I am a wanderer, because my temptation so often is to sugarcoat and wander from the truth.

I am an idolater, because I sit before the throne of page views and social media likes.

I am a prideful Israelite, because I’m bent on forcing my way with my blog.

And in the midst of it all, I’m sowing seeds.

Every word I write & every image I create & each tweet I share is a seed.

Sure, mine is one seed among many. But does the size of the seed impact it’s ability to take root?

Hosea 8:7 tells us, “They sow to the wind, and reap the whirlwind. The stalk has no bud; it shall never produce meal.”

I read that verse over and over again, and all I could think of was my little place on the world wide web. I can sow to the wind or I can sow for the King. I can reap a flimsy whirlwind or I can reap a sturdy foundation.

Goodness, I pray that my blog and your blog and all of the blogs proclaiming the message of salvation take an honest look and decide if a bud is producing or if the leaves are dead. Because this, my blogging buddy, is important.

You are a seed-sower.

In Hosea 9:16 it says, “Ephraim (a tribe of the Israelites) is stricken. Their root is dried up; they shall bear no fruit.”

How do we, as bloggers, guard against dried-up fruit? How do we sow seeds that take root – seeds that produce a beautiful bud?

We admit we are broken.

If you could only see my chewed-off fingernails and the stains on my couch. If you were a fly on the wall, you wouldn’t see a perfect headshot and daily steaming lattes.

You’d see real. You’d see broken.

As I’ve been pondering the seeds of my blog, I’ve been praying against the temptation to hide my imperfections.

Let us all pray, “Father, wash away what is of me and proclaim only what is of you.”

We live what we blog.

The words you write? They are landing on soil – the real soil of a beating heart.

We can’t fake this stuff, y’all. And – warning: hard truth – if you are faking it, you’re a wandering Israelite choosing to bow before the throne of a false god.

I can only write that because I’ve been there. I’ve pounded out a blog post because it was that day of the week, but it wasn’t an honest piece of my journey.

No matter what you blog about, you must live what you blog.

How can you lead others to a place you haven’t been? How can you plant seeds in hearts when your heart is barely fertilized?

I warned you of a hard truth, friend. I stand beside you in this, daily wrestling the flesh and fighting to choose humble obedience.

And so we pray… “Lord, the words, the journey, the inspiration, must come from You alone.”

As a Christian blogger, you have a mighty job to do. It's a calling, and it's not always easy. Here are three truths that will help you become a truly successful christian blogger!

We move ahead in obedience.

Seed sowers spend time planting baby seeds. It doesn’t happen overnight. The plant doesn’t bloom immediately.

Rather, there is the process of planting. Then, there is the process of waiting.

And what better way to spend the waiting than in obedience?

There is a heart attitude here of simply submitting to the Lord. But there is also practical trust in a faithful God – patiently waiting for page views rather than checking every week, trusting God has a plan for your Instagram account and your Facebook reach, daily investing in your blog by following through with the classes you’ve enrolled in.

It’s a process. It’s all seed sowing – faithful planting of baby seeds.

This is when we pray, “Abba Father, please provide the time, resources, energy, and wisdom to invest well as I plant seeds. Guide me and teach me as I obediently follow you.”


Hosea 14 ends with the beautiful redemption of Israel. “I will be like the dew to Israel; he shall grow like the lily, and lengthen his roots like Lebanon. His branches shall spread; his beauty shall be like an olive tree…

The contrast is powerful, just as the seeds you are sowing as powerful. As we plant words, stories, videos, and graphics daily on our blogs, may we always be praying against withering branches and dried-up fruit.

And may we always admit our imperfections, live what we write, and submit in obedience.

This is the recipe for a truly successful blog.

We’re in it together, and I always love chatting about blogging questions, discouragement, and purpose. Email me! It’d be a true honor.

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