The 6 Truths Every Christian Needs Daily

Speaking truth to your heart is one of the most important parts of your day.

Truths that can slay lies about your identity. Truths that can encourage your heart to seek peace. Truths that convict you of unrighteousness. Truths that strengthen your faith.

Dear reader, are you stuffing this kind of truth into the crevices of your heart daily?

What happens when you wake up and immediately begin your day without first speaking truth? I can’t say what the answer is for you, but for me I struggle to find joy, to surrender control, and to feel peace.

Faith building comes through speaking words of truth to ourselves. Here is a list of 6 of those important truths! Use this list as a daily exercise to build your faith, strengthen your heart, and encourage your mind! Also, download a *FREE* printable as a daily reminder of these truths!

There are so many wonderful promises in Scripture. So many calming truths, challenging thoughts, and encouraging verses. This list could be forever long – that’s the kind of God we serve! But for the sake of simplicity and remembrance, here are six truths every Christian needs to think about daily.

1. You have been bought with a price.

You are God’s. He chose to make you, pursue you, forgive you, redeem you, and adopt you as His own. He sent His Son to die so that he would be glorified with your new life. God loves you enough to make your body a temple of the Holy Spirit. God loves you enough to chase you and catch you. He loves you enough to send His Son to the cross.

Application: Your life has purpose, meaning, and value. 

2. You are redeemed and forgiven of all sin.

All of the evil you have ever done – and in Scripture is says that every one of us has done evil [Romans 3:10] – is washed away. It is gone. There is no need for shame. There is nothing you have done that Jesus did not redeem.

Application: Confession is necessary, and forgiveness is certain.

3. You cannot be separated from God’s love.

If you are a Jesus-follower, then nothing you can ever do will separate you from God and His love. The Lord cherishes you, holds your tender heart, and calls you His child. Nothing will ever stop that.

Application: Run to the Lord with your struggles. He longs to hold you and love you.

The Bible is full of truths that we should we speaking to our heart daily. Yet, so often we go through the day without even a reflection. Would you consider speaking these 6 Biblical truths to your heart today?

4. You are God’s & the devil has no rule in your life.

I frequently reference spiritual warfare in my writings because I believe that the devil is trying to squirm his way into our lives. He likes to make us feel inferior, anxious, bitter, rebellious. He likes to make us think that we can be our own little gods. But you know what? The victory has already been claimed! Christ won. He defeated the monster of Satan and now Satan has no dominion in your life. Tell him to back away, because in Jesus’ name there is no room for the devil.

Application: Claim Jesus when you feel the forces of evil. He will show up. After all, He already won the battle.

5. You are God’s workmanship.

God crafted you. He chose who your parents would be, and in turn, He chose your eye color, your passions, your height, your skills. God has given you abilities for His glory – so that you can work as unto the Lord. He cares about your successes, and He also cares about making His name known among the nations. He will use faithful servants to proclaim His truth. And that is you. You are His workmanship, created to work for God’s glory and purposes.

Application: Use your passions and skills to be Jesus in the world. Think of the gifts God has given you and use them! 

6. You are complete in Jesus.

Nothing defines you except for the blood and name of Jesus. If you’re searching for fulfillment in something other than the Lord, you’re looking in the wrong place. Your job will not fulfill you. Your marriage will not fulfill you. Your children, your home, your money, your appearance – none of it will fulfill you. Do you want to know what will? Jesus. His truth. His love. His promises about your life. And because of His death on the cross, you are made complete and whole.

Application: Your heart longs for Jesus. Fill it with Him and not the things of the world.

The Bible is full of truths that we should we speaking to our heart daily. Yet, so often we go through the day without even a reflection. Would you consider speaking these 6 Biblical truths to your heart today?

This free printable [6 Truths Every Christian Needs Daily] contains all of these truths. Would you consider taping this to the wall beside your bed, or displaying it on the bathroom mirror? Remind yourself daily of these truths.

When you’re believing in the truths of Jesus, your day will begin the reverent way. When you function from a place of rest and trust in Christ, you may find that the tough gets a little easier. When you meditate on the basics of the gospel, your life has a bigger purpose. A stronger meaning. A louder message.

How will you allow these truths – and the many others found throughout Scripture – to influence your thinking today? Which truth speaks to your heart? Intentionally work on it today.

Don’t forget to grab the free printable (Click here to grab your free printable!) And would you share it on Pinterest or Facebook?

The Bible is full of truths that we should we speaking to our heart daily. Yet, so often we go through the day without even a reflection. Would you consider speaking these 6 Biblical truths to your heart today?

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6 thoughts on “The 6 Truths Every Christian Needs Daily

  1. Great truths Alison, and I love the applications underneath. This line was one of my favorites, “Use your passions and skills to be Jesus in the world.” Thank you for the encouraging reminder to live out my faith. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving week!

    1. Thank you, Jed. I appreciate the comment and encouragement! It is so important to me that I live for Jesus in each moment, with skills, passions, quiet time, down time, driving, etc. But it’s so easy to forget! Thanks for bringing it to the front of my mind again today.
      I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

  2. I kept seeing this post on Pinterest but never got around to reading it until now…and it’s exactly what I needed today! I often struggle grasping all of these truths, but I’m learning little by little to take hold of God’s grace.

    Thank you so much for your sweet honesty and encouragement–your blog is such a blessing to me!
    I’ll definitely be passing this on 🙂

    1. Thanks, Abigail! Isn’t it sweet how the Lord gives us Truth at the exact moment we need it? Grabbing hold of grace is a journey, but a journey worth taking. Thanks so much for commenting!

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