The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Subscriber Freebie

All bloggers know that in order to build an email list, you must first create a free subscriber offer.

The options for what type of freebie to create are limitless.

You could host a challenge, create a printable, write an eBook, offer a video series.

However, because your subscriber list is the most important part of growing a blog, it’s essential that you put time and thought into your free offer.

Your free offer is just that - an offer. This means it needs to be valuable, authentic, well-designed, and excellent! Think you may need to recreate your subscriber freebie? Need help designing your first ever free offer? Grab the FREE workbook and comprehensive guide here!

Your free offer is just that – an offer. It’s an offer to provide solid information, worthy content, and a well-designed package. It’s an offer you provide in return for the support and attention of someone just like you.

Before we dive into creating a free offer, let’s chat about what a freebie is not.

1. It’s not an opportunity to sell something.

Your freebie is not supposed to sell your product. This may be contrary to what you’ve read in the past, however rarely should you try to sell your subscribers something simply because they signed up for a free printable.

Allow your people the time to learn more about you, your mission, and your blog. Give them time to trust you and connect with your writing.

Make your free offer just that – free. There should be no obligation to buy anything until after they’ve had the time to get to know you on a deeper level.

2. It’s not false advertising.

Friend, you cannot promise something on which you cannot deliver. If you promise a free eBook that helps your reader lose a pound a week, then your eBook needs to help them lose a pound a week.

The questions (and free workbook) below will help you narrow in on your expertise, your mission, and your passions. Create a freebie out of this, because then you will always be able to deliver.


3. It’s not poorly made or rushed.

Freebies are fun. However, freebies that are poorly organized or hurried are not so fun.

Think of your freebie as the welcome mat to your blog. I’d rather not have a poorly made welcome mat in front of my home, because that’s the first impression anyone visiting is going to receive.

Your welcome mat should be just that – welcoming.

Now that we’ve thought through what a freebie is not, let’s talk about some of the qualities of a great free offer.

Your free offer should align with your branding.

As you consider the possibilities for your free offer, think about where you’d like your blog to be one year from now. Do you want your blog to be known for marriage advice, godly encouragement, the best gluten-free recipes, or the greatest exercise tips?

This thinking will help align your free offer with your brand, which will propel your blog forward and ensure that the people who sign up to join your community truly care about what you’re writing.

Your free offer should matter to you.

Maybe it sounds silly to mention this, but your free offer should matter to you.

If you create an offer because you believe it’s what others want – or because it’s the popular type of freebie to create – your freebie may be temporarily successful, but the follow through will be difficult.

How can you follow through with power-packed content when it’s not something that matters to you?

Your free offer should be well designed & informative.  

In other words, your offer needs to be excellent. Your design should be high quality, your content well thought out, and your information helpful.

You want your new subscriber to use your freebie and gain something great. You want them to learn, grow, and be challenged. You want to make an impact.

With all of this in mind, now it’s time to do the hard work of creating a free offer for your subscribers.

Maybe you already have a freebie advertised on your blog and you’re wondering if it’s congruent with the criteria mentioned. It is never too late to redesign, recreate, or add to a current freebie. It’s never too late to add value and impactful content.

Your free offer is just that - an offer. This means it needs to be valuable, authentic, well-designed, and excellent! Think you may need to recreate your subscriber freebie? Need help designing your first ever free offer? Grab the FREE workbook and comprehensive guide here!

What is the best way to create a free offer for your subscribers?

First: Think through the life of your future subscribers.

Ask yourself some important questions about their lifestyles, their goals, their difficulties, and their families. Put yourself in their shoes and determine what would add value to their life.

Questions & thinking space are provided in the free workbook. Grab it at the end of the post.

Second: Determine one tool your future subscriber needs that he or she doesn’t currently have.

This relates to the questions you answered in step one. What would make their life better or easier? What kind of guidance do they need? In what area do they know to grow or achieve change?

Third: Figure out how you’re going to create a brand within a brand.

A free offer is itself a brand. There are colors, design elements, and possibly a logo that are unrelated to your blog’s brand. However, the free offer is still held and offered through your blog, so it must line up with your overall branding.

You’re creating a brand within a brand. What design elements and colors represent your free offer well? Do they match your blog’s brand? What kind of platform is best to deliver your freebie?

Fourth: Create your freebie and design it well.

Now it’s time to dig in, write the content, design the freebie, and share it on your blog. As you create, remember that this is a launching pad for your online community. It matters. The people that will be added to your subscriber base matter.

Take time here. Think through the content and represent your mission well.

Hey blogging bud? You can do this.

It might seem overwhelming now. Jump in, think through your future community members, and create something worthy of their attention.

Now only will this impact your subscribers, but your blog growth and the future of your blog will be impacted.

It’s truly amazing what an honest, informative, well-designed free offer can do for your blog.

Get started, friend. Grab your free workbook here!


12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Subscriber Freebie

  1. Alison, This is awesome advice! I loved you things that a freebie is not! So true! And great tips on what they should be! Thanks for the helpful guide too!

  2. Hi, Alison. I loved this post.
    I also love the fact you’ve branched out into blogging-related posts. There’s always so much to learn in this new media (isn’t there?) and I appreciate learning from another friend’s perspective and expertise. Thank you. 💕
    I’m signed up!

    1. Yay, Gleniece! Thanks for signing up and joining the journey. There is ALWAYS so much to learn – whew! It can be tiring, frustrating, overwhelming… I could keep going but I won’t. 😉 Thanks for commenting, friend!

  3. Alison- I am just now starting to think about offering a freebie so I’m so glad I read this. I actually was searching on pinterest on this topic and so glad I ran across your pin. I’m so behind…but I need to build my platform and I know that this is a super important way to gain more subscribers. Thank you for giving and sharing your expertise with us!!

    1. Oh yay! I’m so glad you found this, Shannon. This is my process, and when it helps someone else, that is just awesome. And of course I LOVE you, my friend. 🙂

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