A {Vlog} about Finding a Trustworthy Mentor

I’m all about authenticity here on the blog.

I believe we are called to be real, to share our burdens with one another, and to rest in grace.

We can be bold because grace is real! Can I get an amen?!

How do you find a safe mentor - someone trustworthy and grace-filled? I have some ideas that I'm sharing in a vlog post. Find out what four characteristics you should look for in a mentor relationship. Be intentional about vulnerability! After all, we were made for community.

We can be bold & authentic because grace is real! Click To Tweet

Because of this, I’m letting my real show a bit and sharing a short vlog (video blog) about the four characteristics we should look for in a mentor.


If you have been hurt by relationships you thought were trustworthy in the past, I’d love to recommend this post from my friend, Deb. She offers great suggestions to heal and add wisdom to your relationships!

Lastly, if you need prayer in the area of relationships, would you email me? It would be an honor to pray alongside you for trusted & safe mentor relationships.

Believe me when I say that authenticity can be scary. I get it. Really. But when authenticity is mixed with grace & rooted in God’s love, wild things happen.

God moves. God acts. God whispers. God challenges.

And you, my friend, are changed.

Thanks for watching! I sure do appreciate you!

7 thoughts on “A {Vlog} about Finding a Trustworthy Mentor

  1. Great job! AND thank you so much for sharing my post! You just blessed me soooo much! I’ve had a few wise mentors in my life and your points are spot on. Those dear friends gave me hope and courage when days were hard and cheered me on when days were good. Walking through life together is exactly what we are called to do.

    1. Deb, I love that post of yours & it is an honor to share it with others. I believe we all struggle with some broken relationships & your wisdom is spot on!

  2. Great vlog, Alison! Finding a mentor can be hard! But so worth it when you find the right one! Thanks for sharing and putting yourself out there!

  3. Alison, I loved watching and listening to you. Now I know who to turn to when I’m ready to do my vlog. πŸ™‚

    These are great points on mentoring and I will be sharing this widely. You inspire me, dear friend!

    1. Wow, Marva! Thank you! I’m always happy to pass along any “secrets” I may have found. But usually my secrets include Google! lol.

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