3 Things to Remember When You Feel Stuck in Your Faith

I was stuck for a long time.

I listened to songs like this, experienced spiritual spurts where I hungered for the Word, and sat in the congregation every Sunday.

I thought I was growing & progressing & maturing in Christ. I thought I was living as the hands and feet of Jesus. I believed with my whole self that I was on fire for the Lord.

But I was stuck. Only I didn’t know it.

Ever felt stuck in your faith? Like you haven't grown, haven't changed? I get that. I've been there. I also understand the deep desire inside of many of us to have a deep faith. So, would you discover what to do when you feel stuck in your faith? There are three things I'd like for you to remember. Jump in! Grab some faith-building truth today.

My life consisted of thoughts about the Lord, but little connection with the Lord.
My actions were rooted in Scripture, but it was for the title of being “good enough”.
My fears often won, because I failed to believe my true worth.

And I realized all of this years later. Why?

I finally understood what it meant to trust in the Lord with all of my heart.

For the first time in my life, I actually lived from the deep-seated, heart-changing belief that Jesus Christ is trustworthy.

And so, my friend, I want to encourage you to seek this type of change in your own life. Staying stuck should never be an option. Because, if we’re honest, we know there is something more. We know that deep relationship with the Lord brings change.

And we need change.

So, in the seasons of “stuck”, here are three things I pray you will remember.

First, know that you are not alone.

It’s true. I stand beside you. And so do about a billion other men and woman of God. Being stuck doesn’t mean running from God as a prodigal child & living for the world. In fact, I think oftentimes being stuck looks like attending church, praying, grabbing coffee with Bible-believing friends, and occasionally opening the Word.

Here’s the difference between stuck & unstuck: stuck is stagnant – not growing, not being impacted by the Lord. Unstuck means growing & experiencing the change that comes from deep trust in the Almighty.

You are not alone in feeling stuck. I can promise you that.

Second, know there is always a next step.

You have a choice to remain stuck or to take the next step. Because there is always a next step, friend.

Dig deep and ask yourself if you are experiencing the Lord like you desire to experience Him? Is He alive in your heart? Are you challenged? Growing? Changing?

If not, ask yourself what the next step should be. Seeking help? Attending a new church? Ordering a new Bible study and committing to study with a friend? Spending time on your knees each & every morning before the sun comes up?

Something has to change. And it’s your call what that something should be.

bible stuck in faith

Third, know that you can trust the Lord with all of your heart.

This, my friend, is what brings you out of the stuck place and into glorious relationship with Christ. It’s taking your “next step” and putting it into action.

Whether you choose to pray in the wee hours of the morning, begin attending a Bible study, or simply get outside & experience the Lord, your next step needs to be rooted in this trust.

It’s the starting grounds for a deeper, transforming, intimate relationship with the Father. And, let me tell you, it’s exciting to experience this type of trust in the Lord.

How did trusting the Lord help me to get “unstuck”? 

Well, for one, I grasped the truth that I don’t have to get it right. There is no right answer. There is no set number of quiet times I should have each week. There is no perfect way to pray.

But there is transformation of my heart. There is trusting that no matter how weak I am, Christ is strong. There is knowing in the depth of myself that the Lord meets me where I am. There is believing that connection with the Lord is more important than checking boxes.

And second, I can live in freedom.

I can trust that the Lord’s plan is best. I know that God has established my steps. I believe that He has a plan for me. I rest in His past faithfulness.

And this brings freedom. I can follow my passions & desires & dreams & crazy wild promptings because the Lord. Is. Trustworthy.

Should I say that again? How about three more times?

The Lord. Is. Trustworthy.
The Lord. Is. Trustworthy.
The Lord. Is. Trustworthy.

What sweet relief. Sometimes being unstuck means literally repeating those words over & over until they settle in my heart.

But more often, being unstuck means knowing that I cannot step outside of God’s plan. I can live in freedom. I can live as His beloved child.

I can search my heart, determine my next step, and jump into sweet relationship with Him.

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9 thoughts on “3 Things to Remember When You Feel Stuck in Your Faith

  1. What an honest and thoughtful post, Alison!
    Don’t you love knowing that we can just keep walking and keep trusting God to bring back the sweetness and the energy when we are dry!
    Love this post. Sharing it today~

    1. Thanks, Melanie, for sharing & commenting. He does bring back the sweetness & energy, doesn’t He? I love that!

  2. Yep. There is always a next step. I’m so glad that we don’t have to stay stuck. When we can trust him to take the next step, he often leads us to the next. Thank you for the reminder that He is trustworthy! I needed this today!

    1. Yes! I love that about the God we serve – He doesn’t leave us to falter on our own, but always provides the next step. Thanks for commenting, Valerie.

  3. Alison, I just love reading your posts. I wish I’d learned many of these things years ago. I had faith but my trust level was stuck and because of that, I didn’t know freedom. This is so much better. The process was not easy, but oh how I thank God for the grace that gave me freedom.

  4. Such an encouragement that there is no perfect way of doing things and I can live in freedom. As a perfectionist I need a transformation in my relationship with God so I can truly live in the freedom that He brings!

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