Why a Diet Won’t Fix It & What Will Instead

A diet won’t fix it.

Losing those last ten pounds won’t fix it.

Being a size 2 won’t fix it.

There is something in all women that believes at her core that being a certain size or reaching a certain number on the scale is the goal. That once we’ve reached that point – that perfect weight – that all of our identity problems and our insecurities will be gone.

This is just not so.

A diet will not fix those insecurities and anxieties within you. The world wants you to believe this - wants you to believe that being a size 2 will be enough. Can I take your hand and speak some truth to your heart? You need something so much more. Seek truth & discover what WILL fix those insecurities and anxieties.

It sounds wrong, am I right? It sounds so contrary to the world. The world screams in your face that being a size two matters and that having the perfect complexion will make you happy and beautiful. Society sends the message that you’ll be accepted and loved when you lose weight. The media portrays beauty as skinny.

I want to throw those messages on the ground and stomp them dead.

Real beauty is made of so much more.

A diet won’t fix it because it means you’re searching in all the wrong places. Diets mean you’re searching for identity and beauty through food and what the scale says. Diets mean you’re seeking acceptance in the way you look in hopes that a friend will notice those ten pounds you’ve lost.

Imagine a world where women were seeking first God and His opinion only.

I should stop right here and say that I carry this out poorly. I’m standing right there with the group of women who desperately want to be beautiful according to the standards of the world.

I easily get caught up in healthy eating, whole foods, exercising, being skinny, and the like. Just yesterday I stood in my kitchen preparing sugar-free, gluten-free, whole-food muffins with almond flour and still felt guilty for craving muffins. What’s our world saying to make us feel this way?

Please don’t hear me say that I’ve conquered this beast. Rather, hear me say that I think I’ve realized in my own weak heart what is wrong with diets and obsessions with whole foods.

Our hearts are not anchored in the real Truth.

Remember when I asked you to imagine a world where women were seeking first God and His opinion only?

This is the key to solving our insecurities and our anxieties about body image.

We must be choosing to find our satisfaction in God alone.

A diet will not fix those insecurities and anxieties within you. The world wants you to believe this - wants you to believe that being a size 2 will be enough. Can I take your hand and speak some truth to your heart? You need something so much more. Seek truth & discover what WILL fix those insecurities and anxieties.

The problem: This is not easy.

I’ll be the first to admit that finding my identity in Christ is no easy task. I know what His Word says about me. I know that 1 Peter 3:4 says that beauty is characterized by a gentle and quiet spirit.

I just think I was reading that verse all wrong until recently.

I now believe that a gentle and quiet spirit is a spirit grounded in Biblical Truth. I believe that Scripture is telling us to quiet our hearts and seek God first – to seek truth like mad because truth is the only thing that will allow these lies to die.

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“If you do not consciously combat these cultural deceptions by saturating your mind in Scripture, your body and soul will be inclined to fall back to their natural, default positions, conforming to the world’s standards rather than God’s. By ‘fixing our eyes on Jesus’ (Hebrews 12:2), we cooperate with the Spirit’s work and make this sanctification process a whole lot smoother.”

That is a quote by Priscilla Shirer in her book Discerning the Voice of God and I just love it.

This is how we combat the lies of the world.

This is how we find our identity.

This is how we quit dieting and start presenting our bodies as living and holy sacrifices to God. (Romans 12:1).

So, no, a diet won’t fix it. Please don’t choose to buy the lies and find your worth in losing fifteen pounds. Give up on seeking approval from the scale each morning.

And believe in the depths of your heart that a diet won’t solve it because Jesus has given us something so much greater.

Jesus has given us His Word, full to the brim with truths about who you are in Christ. Meditate on these truths, believe them, tuck them into the weak places of your soul that cry out for acceptance.

This will fix it. It will take time. It will take perseverance. It might be hard sometimes.

But when you saturate your mind with the things of God, the things of the world become strangely dim.

And that, my friend, is what will fix it.


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11 thoughts on “Why a Diet Won’t Fix It & What Will Instead

  1. Alison, you have so much wisdom here. I have basically dieted my whole life, but staying thin hasn’t kept me from dissatisfaction as I critique the image in the mirror or the number on the scale. Wow, we’ve put our value in the wrong places. Thanks for the way you have beautifully pointed us to the truth. Like you, I know it, I remind myself often . . . now the faithful living of it. Blessings!!

    1. In our humanness, the faithful living of truth is the hardest part! I’m so thankful for grace that covers my feeble attempts to live from Truth. Thanks for commenting, Deb!

  2. Oh Alison, what a timely post for me being that this was my weigh in day, lol. And I didn’t lose even though I tried. Although I’m still trying to lose those extra holiday pounds and possibly the being over 40 years weight..it’s nice to know that I can still be happy in how God sees me and that my worth is not based on a number. Thanks for the reminder. Blessings to you!

    1. Oh, I’m so glad that you read this post at the right time – the God-given time! It’s true. Our worth is 100% tied up in who God says we are!

  3. Alison, what can I say? I often allow the scale to determine how I feel about myself. Sad but true. While we know all these truths about how God sees us, it’s so hard to break away from the lies we hear from the world. But we know that with God it’s definitely possible to break away. I believe encouragement like you’ve offered here and supporting one another will help us stay grounded in the Word.
    I’m sharing this so that more women will be encouraged!

    1. Marva, thank you so much. Your sweet words & your sharing of this post bless me! Staying grounded in the Word is key, isn’t it? It’s our assurance. It’s our Rock. 🙂

  4. Love, love, love this, Alison! It’s all about accepting that identity in Christ and resting in it. We really can persevere when we come at it from that place. 🙂
    Jen @ Being Confident of This

  5. Oh, yes … diets! It has forever been the bane of my existence. I have struggled with being self critical for as long as I can remember. I was a tall athletic girl and it was an anomaly in my community. People would always exclaim, “you are such a BIG girl!” Then my petite Mom would get nervous and watch me like a hawk making sure I didn’t eat any snacks or unhealthy items. It is still something I battle, but at my core, I remember who I am and Who my worth is in! I know He calls me wonderful and that is the bottom line. This is such a fantastic post! Thank you for being such a sweet blessing!

  6. This was a great post, Alison. Ultimately, our identity is in Christ, not a scale or a mirror. They never tell the whole story, do they? But Jesus does! I wrote a post similar to this “For The Wife Who Doesn’t Fell Sexy”. In it, I mentioned how our criticism about our bodies hurts our husbands very much. I don’t think we realize this as much as we should.
    Thanks for linking up an Grace and Truth!

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