Why Does God Allow Suffering | A Biblical Look at Pain & Suffering

It’s an honor to welcome Lucy to the blog today! Lucy blogs about resting in the truth that God is enough at SatisfiedbyGrace.com. When she emailed me about sharing a post with you, it didn’t take long for me to say ‘yes.’ Her writing is Biblically-grounded and absolutely captivating. Today, she walks us through the tender journey of Why Does God Allow Suffering. I pray it blesses you as much as it did me!

“Lazarus is dead.”

Do you think that the news came like a slap in the face to the disciples?

Just two days before, Jesus had comforted them about Lazarus. He had spoken words of assurance: “This illness does not lead to death.”

But then they found themselves face to face with raw reality – their friend was dead and buried. We can only imagine how betrayed they felt, how confused.

Have you ever wondered why does God allow suffering & pain? Here is a Biblical answer full of hope!

They followed their Master to the grieving sisters and the sealed grave. It certainly didn’t look like it was going to be the site of a miracle. It was a place of darkness – of endings, not beginnings. A place of hopelessness and hurt.

But it was there that Christ looked death in the face and spoke the resounding words of life that called Lazarus out of the grave. And as the disciples stood stunned and welling with joy, I wonder if it all became clear to them in that one moment.

Christ had promised that the illness would not lead to death.

He never said that it would not lead through death.

The disciples didn’t realize that God’s plan would be worked out through a process – a process that, for Lazarus, meant dying.

The road was hard. Hard for everyone, even Jesus. He stood at the grave and wept over the bitterness of death, the brokenness that sin had brought into His creation. But the pain of the process only made the end of the story that much more beautiful.

Each one of us is like Lazarus.

We have to die before we experience resurrection. We have to be broken before we’re restored.

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Have you ever looked around at your circumstances and thought, “I didn’t sign up for this?”

I have.

We’re destined for immortality, but to be honest, it doesn’t always feel like it. Day by day, we’re surrounded by the tough and the mundane and the messy. We face loss and disappointment. We have to give up things that are precious to us. Sometimes, we’re hurting so deeply that the pain seems to block out everything else. All we can think is, “Why?” 

"We have to be broken before we are restored." Sometimes, we cry out why when life feels uncertain, scary, or overwhelming. If you've ever wondered why does God allow suffering, here is a Biblical answer full of hope!

Why Does God Allow Suffering

“Why, God? Didn’t you send your Son so that we could have life, and have it abundantly? Where is my abundant life right now, God?”

And if we listen, we can hear our loving Father reminding us again what kind of a journey this is.

We have the most beautiful destination that could be imagined. Life – overflowing life – forever. Love – an eternal romance with the Creator of the Universe. Pleasure beyond what we can imagine on earth.

But we haven’t reached the end of the road yet. And this path, though it does not lead to death, most certainly leads through death.


Death in the Christian Life

Christ warned us that to follow Him, we have to shoulder a cross. We have to die to ourselves – our pride, our desires, the selfish dreams that somehow become so dear to us.

And we have to die to sin.

Sin is a part of our nature as humans. It’s hopelessly entwined in our motives, our thoughts and our actions. Even as Christians, with renewed hearts and desires, we are in a constant battle with this old enemy. And it hurts to kill our sin. Sometimes it feels like we’re choking a part of ourselves.

And finally, we have to face physical death as well. Sometimes it’s indirectly, like reading in the news about tragedies around the world. Sometimes it hits closer to home, when we have to deal with the death of someone dear to us.

Unless Christ returns soon, the time will come when each of us will have to experience the pain of physical death for ourselves.

The road seems dark, doesn’t it?

That’s why we have to keep our focus right.

To persevere through all of this, we have to keep our eyes on the joy that is set before us, like Jesus did. And, even more importantly, we have to keep our eyes on the Savior that walked through death for us.

Remember, Christ’s journey wasn’t easy either. He, too, passed through death. By choice. He chose to experience the sting of sin and death so that He could bring the hope of eternity to His cursed, torn creation.

Take Heart

If you’re going through tough times, it’s easy to feel like life is too much for you. It’s easy to feel bitterness toward God. I understand. I’ve been there.

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Paul says it better than I ever could. “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” [Romans 8:18]

Death isn’t your destination. Heaven is.

The suffering is just a part of the process that God has ordained. And He is with you even in the valley of the shadow of death, bringing you through the darkness into His eternal light.

Lucy is a freelance writer and Christian blogger with a heart for helping others see the beauty of God. She is passionate about language, music, and art. Check out her articles at satisfiedbygrace.com and follow her on Pinterest!




11 thoughts on “Why Does God Allow Suffering | A Biblical Look at Pain & Suffering

  1. So nice to meet you Lucy, and thank you for sharing your heart here! I’m in the middle of a flare up of some pain and suffering so the reminder that it doesn’t last forever is soooo needed and appreciated. XO

    1. I’m really glad that this was meaningful to you, Lauren. One thing I love most about the Word of God is that it’s not unrealistic. Instead, it gets real and specific about life in a tough, ugly, fallen world. I pray that God will comfort your heart this week.

  2. Just yesterday I was having a chat with my kids about death and the fact that while it’s inevitable, many of us either fear it or have a difficult time dealing with it (me included). I don’t know if there’s a way to embrace death but your words have encouraged me to look at death through Jesus’ eyes. With eternity as our goal, we can have a very different perspective. Thanks for this insight, Lucy!
    Blessings to you on your journey.

    1. Marva, it’s so true. Death will never seem natural to us because God created us for eternity. It’s a sad part of living in a fallen world, but it’s certainly not the ending.

  3. Lucy and Alison, thank you for sharing this encouragement. Keeping our eyes on the joy that is set before us….that’s the key to it all. I loved reading this.

  4. Thank you, I am going through suffering and hurting right for one of my Adult child who are facing a big challenge that only God and can see him through. It is encouraging to read stuff about Gods word that can explain things that we sometimes don’t understand and you are right sometimes the hurt and worry is so deep you just cannot focus on anything else. I have to keep reminding myself that God is in control in this situation and he is still on the throne and he will see us through any tough situation. Thank you and God Bless.

    1. Thanks, Natalie, for sharing. God is in control. Those words sometimes seem so simple and small. But the reality of that truth is vast & beautiful! I’m saying a prayer that you will feel God’s presence and peace.

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